Posted On: 10/5/18 3:45 PM









Trey Rudolph is a 6 foot senior guard from Overlake High School in Redmond, Washington. He recognized the opportunity this expo providedand left it all out there on the court. He displayed a consistent ability to get into the paint at will while also knocking down open shots. He showed a good basketball IQ, playing within himself during the event and being an unselfish player. In most expo/showcases many players seem to have a hard time distinguishing themselves while also being a teammates so it was impressive to see him do this in this environment.

When speaking with Trey in between games, he talked about his goals for his senior year and beyond. “I’ve worked extra hard this summer on extending my range and becoming a more consistent shooter. I prefer to penetrate and get to the hoop but I want to show that I have a well-rounded game to potential scouts. I already take playing defense very seriously but there’s always room for improvement and because I enjoy playing defense so much, sky is the limit.”

I enjoyed watching Trey during this event and he seemed to enjoy being there as well. With no offers on his radar as of yet, hopefully this event will kick off his senior year on a positive note.