Posted On: 10/27/18 10:30 PM

University of St. Thomas Houston ran a fall classic that ran from September 15-16, 2018 and September 22-23, 2018. On each day of the event there was 8 teams that played 3 games.  A total of 32 teams got to play with a (:30) shot clock. The Shot Clock did have an affect on the game. It sped teams up and also forced a couple of turnovers, via shot clock violations. These 32 teams were invited (Katy Tompkins, Cypress Spring, Nederland, Westbury Christian, Westfield, North Shore, Fort Bend Elsik, Cypress Lakes, Mayde Creek, St. Pius X, George Ranch, Houston Austin, Rosenberg Terry, St Thomas Episcopal, La Porte, Lutheran High North, Strake Jesuit, Klein, Klein Collins, Sam Houston, Second Baptist, YES Prep, Central Pollock, AWTY, Cy Fair, Nimitz, The Woodlands, Cypress Park, Cypress Creek, Dawson, Huntsville, and Hardin Jefferson).The shot clock was big hit among the high school coaches, players, and fans. I attended on two of the four days, and here are the results with my takeaways.


The Session I event played host to these teams September 16. St. Pius X, Mayde Creek, George Ranch, and Houston Austin

St. Pius X defeated Mayde Creek 58-44 Sydney Shipp led all scorers with 15 points.

George Ranch dominates Houston Austin 82-21 behind 4 players in Double figures. Noah Thomasson led the way with 24 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assist.

St. Pius X beats Houston Austin 61-37. The Panthers played great team ball in the game getting contributions from everyone on the team. Sydney Shipp 12 points, Chad Graham 12 points, and Stanley Asiegby 10 points.

George Ranch was to much for Mayde Creek as they defeat them 71-44. Noah Thomasson nets 24 points and teammate Dalon Dean puts in 23 points,  five were 3 point makes.

Mayde Creek 73 to Houston Austin’s 52 was the final score of the game. The game was only a 10 Point game at the start of the 4th quarter. David Chavez led the way for Mayde Creek with 16 points and 9 rebounds.

In the final game of the session St. Pius X defeats George Ranch 55-54 in a very tight niche game. Both teams left it all on the floor despite there fatigue. St. Pius X was led by Stanley Asiegby 22 points and Sydney Shipp 14 points. George Ranch was led by Dominic Dixon 16 points and Noah Thomasson 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assist.

Standouts of the Event:

Rommel Williams 6’1 PG 2020 Mayde Creek. Aggressive on the attack every time. Plays with a bully guard mentality.             

Sydney Shipp 5’11 PG 2019 St. Pius X. He was the scorer for his team. Drew a lot of attention which opened up the floor for him to find teammates. Attacked the lane well. Shot the ball well from deep, and was a pest on defense. Finished with 13.6 ppg and 1.3 spg.

Noah Thomasson 6’2 PG 2019 George Ranch. Is looking to have a big Senior Year. Changes tempo whenever he wants to, which keeps the defenders off balance at all times. Mid range game is tough. Able to get to the rim at will. Used his quickness on the defensive side of the ball to jump passing lanes. 19.0 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 4.6 apg, 2.6 spg, and 1.3 bpg for the shootout.

David Chavez 6’3 WF 2020 Mayde Creek. Finished at a high rate around the rim and was very active on the boards. Was able to get to the free-throw line a lot. Played really solid through all 3 games 13.3 ppg and 8.6 rpg for the shootout.

Dalon Dean 6’4 SG 2019 George Ranch. Shot the ball well in the session, he was also super active on the defensive side of the ball. 14.3 ppg, 4.0 rpg, and 2.0 spg for the shootout.

Stanley Asiegbu 6’3 F 2019 St Pius X. Was a man among boys in the final game. He used his frame to his advantage to body defenders in the paint. He also played the passing lanes well defensively, and boxed out. 11.0 ppg, 4.3 rpg, and 2.6 spg for the shootout.


Session I teams from the September 22nd date were: Nimitz , Cy-Fair, The Woodlands, and Cypress Park.

Nimitz defeats Cy-Fair 49-46. This game was a good tough game from start to finish. In the end Nimitz was just a bit to much for the Bobcats of Cy-Fair. Reggie Comeaux of Nimitz led all scorers with 22 points in the game. Zach Iyeyemi of Cy-Fair finished with 17 points and grabbed 8 rebounds.

The Woodlands beats Cypress Park 54-26. The game leading scorers were Payton Mattingly 11 points and Ja’Korey Randle 10 points both from The Woodlands.

Nimitz was to much for Cypress Park 73-43. Nimitz leading scorers were Reggie Comeaux 12 points and Antoine Rose who finished with 10 points.

The Woodlands defeat Cy-Fair 57-54. The big difference in this game was in the 3rd quarter. The Woodlands went on a 8 point run to take a 3 point lead. That lead stuck until the final buzzer sounded. The Woodland’s leading scorers Patrick Ord 13 points and Charlie Zorn 10 points. Cy Fair was led by Zach Iyeyemi 14 points.

Cy-Fair beats Cypress Park 71-64. This was Cy-Park best game by far during the event. They were able to match up well against Cy-Fair. Cy Fair was led in scoring by Kalvin Sleemon with 19 points and Nik Ellis also chipped in 18 points. Cy Park was led by AJ Ferguson with 18 points, Terron Cofield added 14 points, and Anthony Vigers finished with 10 points.  

The Woodlands beats Nimitz 65-38. The Woodlands was led by Charlie Zorn 13 points, Tucker Nooe 12 points, and Tyler Hreem 10 points. Nimitz was dead this game, but would like to see these two teams match up in a regular season game.

The Woodlands played like a well oiled machine all three games. They have great fundamentals which will be their success this season.

Nimitz will be led by 6’4 SF Reggie Comeaux of the 2020 graduating class. They have solid players and will be a tough team throughout the season.

Cy-Fair will be interesting to see how there season goes this year. Last year they missed postseason play with a 6-6 finish in the district that has now split. There district has added 4 new teams to it from the Spring Branch ISD.

Cypress Park the new kids on the block got a semi taste of what there first Varsity season will be like. Anthony ‘AJ’ Ferguson Jr 6’2 SG 2021 will be there catalyst for the Tigers.


Standouts from the event:


Reggie Comeaux 6’4 SF 2020 Nimitz. Played really solid had back to to back flushes over defenders while driving to the lane in multiple games. He finished with the average of 13 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 2.3 apg, and 1.3 spg.

Zach Iyeyemi 6’8 PF 2019 Cy Fair. Really good paint control and using his size really well. Defensively very vocal calling out every screen and shot attempt. He finished the shootout with 15.5 ppg, 8 rpg, and 2 bpg.

Nik Ellis 5’9 PG 2020 Cy Fair was all over the floor. Very active on defense, and creating shots for his teammates. His final was an 8.8 ppg average, 4.3 rpg, 3.3 apg, and 1.6 spg average for the shootout.

Kalvin Sleemon 6’4 F 2019 Cy Fair Played really solid each game. The second game he lost his cool and got hit with two techs. I was surprised that he got to play the final game. He was scoring and rebounding playing good defense physical for his size.The coaches even wrote his name down after the first game, but they scratched it off with how he was acting. He averaged 11.3 ppg and 6.6 rpg at the shootout.

Anthony Ferguson Jr 6’2 SG 2021 Cypress Park. Played really well in the final game of the shootout, it was as if he had enough and just stepped on the gas and never braked. He finished the shootout with averaging 7.3 ppg.

Charlie Zorn 6’2 G 2019 The Woodlands. He was the centerpiece for the Highlanders. Shot the ball well and was always in the right position. Played the lanes and ran the floor well. He averaged 10 ppg for the shootout.