Posted On: 10/11/18 12:57 PM

Indrek Sunelik, The Nation Prep

The smooth stroking 6-foot-4 off guard has the potential to be an automatic shooter at this level. He’s shown consistency and a release that’s translatable to success at this level. He still needs to be more aggressive in hunting for his shot, though he’s improved dramatically at scoring the ball off the dribble and creating his shot.

Defensively, he’s able to switch on and contain guards well. He’s become stealth in his ability to get free and spot up and knock down shots. With his developed and tightened handle, he can really play both backcourt positions. A key attribute of Sunelik’s game is that he rarely turns it over. He’s got the high academics and the test scores to play at an academically enriched institution.

Jaden Levine, The Nation Prep

The 6-foot-3 Class of 2021 guard is a hard-slashing guard who knows how to carve his way to the rim. He’s fearless in his approach and plays with full throttle energy regardless of who it is guarding him. This fearlessness and sustained relentlessness in his driving and creating game has registered his presence early this season.

He’s developed a reputable mid-range game and can knock down set shots from all over. While he’s got a high engine, he also exemplifies control. He has the potential to be a real calming influence with the basketball in his hands. As he puts a skill-set on the talent he’s already showcased, he could take many by surprise this season.

Mohamed Sow, The Nation Prep

The 6-foot-8 Class of 2021 prospect has developed a feathery shot from mid range and beyond the arc. With his shooting aptitude and his ability to run and space the floor, Sow has the attributes to be a stretch four type or even a stretch five at this level. He’s got good hands and is still learning how to back down smaller defenders and exploit mismatches in the post.

His attention to detail and ability to play within the confines of the system have been promising thus far. The mobility and skill set he possesses are intriguing factors when you gauge his NCAA stock.

Amare McGriff, The Rock School

The 6-foot-7, 190-pound Class of 2021 prospect has upside in his athleticism and ability to get into the rim and finish. He’s got explosive bounce and a knack for knifing to the rim and dunking it with either hand. The transfer from Lanier County in Georgia has a know-how in his driving game and ability to use his length. He will be flanked by several similar pieces on this year’s program. If he can establish a rebounding presence and spread the floor out with his shot, he’s got the chance to offer sustainable contributions.

Terrell Sanders, Superior Collegiate

The 6-foot-5 Class of 2019 combination guard has a wing’s skill set and can guard multiple positions. He’s got a wild vertical and a smooth left handed stroke. With his pull up game and his ability to get through and around defenders, he’s got the opportunity to be a pivotal complementary scorer to Robert Hardy and the sharpshooting Jacob Crews.

SCA head coach John Bianchi says Sanders has been a dog on defense, where he will set a loud tone as a guy who can neutralize high-scoring threats. The best attribute of his offensive game would have to be his smooth mid-range game, where he shoots it at a highly efficient clip.