Posted On: 10/25/18 2:29 PM

Julian Lucas 2022 Inderkum High- Julian is a very good big, with amazing footwork. Light on his feet Julian can handle the ball just like a guard but rebounds like a big. With a Kevin Love type game Julian uses his body to push defenders out the way and get to the rim. At the high post he uses ball fakes and up and under’s to get to the bucket. Has a good looking shot but sticks to his bread and butter which is when he’s coming down hill. Not much of a back to the basket big  but uses the face up and his quick step on bigger defenders to get around them.


Max Driffin 2022 Antelope High- Max is a very hybrid player because of his height at his age the bigger post players guard him. I see him being a very good wing forward player because of his ability to block shots and rebound. Max is a very lanky player who finishes above the rim. Because of his length he drives to the hoop while getting bumped and keeps the ball away from defenders. Max has a very good outside shot that extends beyond 3 range. Besides great upside and his ability to score, Max is very aggressive on defense, pocking the ball away on the catch, helping out on the drive and getting in the passing lane.


Nanik Tagore 2022 San Juan High- Nanik has a great frame and is a bully in the paint.  When driving he euro steps pass defenders and scores the bucket. Because of his size smaller guards try and pressure him but with very good handle he keeps the ball away from small guards and puts his back to them and jumps right over them to score. With very good vision he uses jump passes, bounce passes and bullet passes inside the paint to his cutting teammates. Nanik has a very good motor that allows him to follow up on his or even his teammates misses with great persistence.  Diving on the floor for loose balls and boxing out Nanik has the teammate aspect of the game down. Only up from here for the young prospect.