Posted On: 10/1/18 8:41 PM

To start our season previews, we will first be looking at the best returning duos and trios in each class. Here is the list of top returning sophomore trios in the state. This list is in no particular order.

Dakota Blue, Donovan Barnett, and Jaylen Carson (Crispus Attucks)

Attucks has lost some solid talent over the past few year and they haven’t had a shortage of really good guards and wings for awhile. Blue and Barnett will make up two forwards who are able to play a big of the wing spot. Carson is doing to be a wing and he is very effective with the ball. These three guys are going to be key for Attucks going forward as they will be integral for the next three years.

Luke Goode, Preston Barker, and Quinn Harmon (Homestead)

Goode is one of the best sophomores in that state and he played a lot last year for Homestead. This year will be no different as he will certainly be a game changer in the Northern part of the state. Barker and Harmon are going to be guards who are going to get a little bit of run this season and going forward they will be a big part of the offense due to some departures last season.

Cole Greenwalt, Kishawn Taylor, and Ronald Johnson (Park Tudor)

Park Tudor is going to be a very young team this year and these three guards are going to be counted on to lead them for the next three years. Greenwalt and Johnson are scorers who can really get shots off. They both have the ability to rip off a ton of shots in a row. Taylor is a guard who is really tough and can rebound the ball really well from the guard spot. Could be a good lead guard in the future.

Clayton Maclagan, Colton Jones, and Cooper Jones (Valparaiso)

Colton is the only guard on this list. Jones is good at creating space for himself and running off screens to score the ball. He is a guy who is going to be able to score a lot of points when the frame fills out. Maclagan and Jones are going to be guys who pound it down low as they are both good rebounders and tough. These three guys may not get a ton of run this year but in the future they will be important pieces.

Frederick Murray, Malik Stanley, and Sean Black (Warren Central)

Warren Central has had a plethora of small guards in recent years and these three guys fit that bill. All of them are very good passers of the ball and can handle it pretty well too. They aren’t known for their shooting ability but rather their ability to get to the rim and score the ball. Murray is the guy out of this bunch who will be able to run the offense the best but Stanley and Black are going to do more scoring.