Posted On: 10/11/18 5:17 PM

We highlight the top returning steal leaders in the 2021 class from last year. These guys led the 2021 class in steals per game and come back this year and look to push their totals even higher. They were the best in the 2021 class at making the offense turn over the ball. There are some missing players as some statistics from players were not uploaded to 

Foster Mefford (Southwestern (Hanover)) – 6’2 SG – 3.0 SPG

Mefford sees the floor very well and get a ton of steals and assists, we can see this by him being first in both categories. Mefford is a glue guy for Southwestern and is going to be a key cog for Southwestern. He is able to get into the face of the offensive player and poke the ball out.

Treyvon Byrd (Gary Lighthouse) – 6’3 SF – 2.2 SPG

Byrd is able to get his steals by using his athleticism. He reads the tasing lanes well and is able to jump them to create easy turnovers. Byrd is a guy who is heady on Bothe sides of the ball and it really stands out when he is on defense using his length.

Colson Montgomery (Southridge) – 6’2 SG – 2.0 SPG

Montgomery is a bully because he can defend anywhere on the floor using his strength. He has an advanced frame with strength while allows him to take over the game as he defends. Montgomery is able to use his long arms to get his hands on the ball and rip it away.

Jackson Paul (Churubusco) – 5’10 PG – 1.9 SPG

Paul is a quick point guard who uses his basketball awareness to create steals. Paul is a smaller point guard but is able to contort his body into being able get his hands on the ball. Paul is the quickest player on the floor and he uses that acceleration to jump all over offensive players.

Weston Hamby (Manchester) – 5’9 PG – 1.8 SPG

Hamby is a really solid player who makes his name known on the defensive end. Hamby is a smaller point guard but that allows him to get up under the hands of the offensive player while he’s dribbling the ball. Hamby is getting quicker which will only lead to a tougher life on opponents.