Top Returning 2021 Scorers

High School

Posted On: 10/5/18 9:55 AM

We highlight the top returning scorers in the 2021 class from last year. These guys led the 2021 class in points per game and come back this year and look to push their scoring totals even higher. There are some missing players as some statistics from players were not uploaded to 

Luke Brown (Blackford) – 5’10 PG – 27.8 PPG

In a class that is loaded with scorers, Brown stands alone at the top. It isn’t even close to boot. Brown only played in 15 games last year and scored 417 total points on the season. If it weren’t for him being injured he could have possibly eclipsed the 1,000 mark in a season. He’s going to raise his scoring over 30 points a game this year as they graduate a fellow 20 point scorer. The career scoring marks are all in range for Brown as long as he stays healthy the remaining three years.

Jalen Blackmon (Marion) – 6′ PG – 22.4 PPG

Blackmon is an energetic and quick scorer. He has the ability to do pretty much whatever he wants to do on the basketball court and he will pull up from anywhere on the floor. He is a pretty thin kid but he is so explosive with his frame. He can get in the lane and finish very well. Blackmon is built for scoring at a high level.

Colson Montgomery (Southridge) – 6’2 SG – 17.7 PPG

Montgomery is a high motor guy who is a huge guard. He is very strong which allows him to play both on the the perimeter and in the lane. Montgomery has the ability to back guys down and get easy baskets at the rim. He is very quick and mobile which allows him to excel at many things on the basketball court.

Kyle Ross (Andrean) – 6’7 PF – 13.9 PPG

Ross is a very advanced player for his age. He is going to be a player that Andrean really counts on to lead their team for the next three years. His power combined with his touch creates a mismatch that many teams in the state can’t defend. His best spot on the floor is when he is down low on the post but he also has the ability to put the ball on the floor from the wing too.

Lane Sparks (Greensburg) – 6′ PG – 13.9 PPG

Sparks is a very good point guard who is able to pass the ball and see the floor well, but he is also a guy who can do his fair share of scoring. He is deadly in the midrange and he can stretch it out to the perimeter a bit. While Sparks lives in the midrange he can get to the rim and score which makes him very tough to defend.

Kristian Lander (Evansville Reitz) – 6′ PG – 13.7 PPG

Lander might be the most dynamic player on this list. His defense is really good and he can turn that right into offense for his team. Very good at getting the ball into the lane and putting up good shots. He is a guy that Reitz will be able to count on for a lot of points this year as he improved a ton over the summer.

Jaden Thomas (International) – 6’2 SG – 13.5 PPG

It took Thomas a little bit to get going last year but once we got into the middle of the schedule, he was able to do a lot for International. Thomas is a guy who is going to shoot a bunch but also make a lot of the shots he takes. He will get more efficient this year as he learns when to shoot and when to pass the ball.

Braden Bontrager (Lakeland) – 5’11 PG – 13.5 PPG

Last year, Bontrager shot 44 percent from behind the arc. He was one of the best freshman three point shooters in the state and will only improve those numbers this year. He should be able to start taking his man off the bounce allowing him to get some more looks at the rim. A very productive scorer.

Zane Burke (Churubusco) – 6’2 SG – 12.9 PPG

Burke is a perfect compliment to the other freshman guard that Churubusco has. Burke is the shooter on the team and he can rip off a few threes in a row. This year he will end up improving his scoring because he will be able to shoot the ball better. A little stronger too so we can expect another big scoring output from him.

Jackson Paul (Churubusco) – 5’10 PG – 12.5 PPG

Paul is a smaller and thin guard but he makes up for that stature with his toughness. He can get to the rim and finish with the ball very well. He knows how to move his body around so that he can score. Paul is a very physical player and as his frame fills out over the next few years he is going to be able to do a lot more.