Posted On: 10/11/18 3:42 PM

We highlight the top returning rebounders in the 2021 class from last year. These guys led the 2021 class in rebounds per game and come back this year and look to push their rebounding totals even higher. There are some missing players as some statistics from players were not uploaded to

Jake Moynihan (Seton Catholic) – 6′5 SF – 9.7 RPG

Moynihan is a do-it-all guy for Seton Catholic. He is stronger than most players on the floor and uses his strength to bully his way through people. He has very strong hands so once he gets his hands on the ball, he is going to rip down the rebound. 

Treyvon Byrd (Gary Lighthouse) – 6′3 SF – 8.5 RPG

Byrd is a very athletic wing who uses his athleticism to pull down rebounds after he out jumps other players. Byrd doesn’t score that much but he really racks up the rebounds. Byrd is a guy who is going to start playing on the perimeter more often, but you can always count on him to pull down boards.

Kyle Ross (Andrean) – 6′7 PF – 8.2 RPG

Ross is a very advanced and skilled forward for a very talented Andrean team. He is a guy who is going to bulk up even more and be able to use his height to his advantage more often. Ross is a guy who is going to be close to double digit rebounds this year.

Blake Sisley (Heritage Hills)  – 6′8 PF – 7.4 RPG

Like Ross, Sisley is so skilled with everything that he does and he gets almost every ball that comes down off the rim. He is a guy who is going to be able to increase his rebounding this year due to gaining muscle over the summer. Sisley is going to be a dominant force in the southern part of the state this year.

Payton Sparks (Winchester) – 6′5 PF – 6.4 RPG

Sparks was a guy for Winchester who did not score the ball much at all but was more relied upon to grab rebounds and to be a big man on the inside. Sparks is going to have to work on his offensive game but one thing that he doesn’t need to work on is rebounding the ball. This is a guy who will rack up a ton in his career.