Posted On: 10/11/18 4:41 PM

We highlight the top returning passers in the 2021 class from last year. These guys led the 2021 class in assists per game and come back this year and look to push their assist totals even higher. They were the best in the 2021 class at setting up their teammates for a score. There are some missing players as some statistics from players were not uploaded to 

Foster Mefford (Southwestern (Hanover)) – 6′ PG – 7.0 APG

Mefford led everyone in the class last year with 190 assists. Mefford has great court vision and has good handles allowing him to get into the lane and then pass it out. He throws crisp passes which set up his teammates for easy scores.

Luke Brown (Blackford) – 5’10 PG – 5.5 APG

Brown has so much attention on him for his scoring ability that it allows his teammates to get wide open looks when he passes out of them. Brown has bee double and triple teamed which led teammates to get open right under the basket. Brown keeps his head up while dribbling to find open baskets.

Grant Brown (Madison-Grant) – 6’1 PG – 5.5 APG

Brown was the only guy on this list with more turnovers than assists. That was because he had the ball in his hands so much. Brown is going to cut down on his turnovers this year and his assists will go up due to that. He is an aggressive player who will only get better as he matures.

Brycen Graber (Barr-Reeve) – 6’1 PG – 5.4 APG

Graber is a guy who was benefited by having a ton of weapons on the offensive end for Barr-Reeve. All those players return this year so Graber will have a more experienced group to be able to throw the ball off to. Grader is going to raise his assist total this year because of all the talent coming back.

Brody Whitaker (Greencastle) – 5’10 PG – 4.2 APG

Whitaker is the best true point guard that Greencastle has had in a long time. He has very good vision with the ball and shows that on the court. Whitaker is a student of the game and is a guy whose potential is limitless.

Jackson Paul (Churubusco) – 5’10 PG – 4.2 APG

Paul is a point guard who looks to pass first. He sees the floor very well and his brother, Jalen Paul, was also a very good passer from Churubusco. Paul is a guy who will find the open man every time and set him up for a score. We expect Paul’s assist totals to climb every year.