Posted On: 10/4/18 7:48 PM

Terrell Sanders, Superior Collegiate

The super athletic 2-3 will set a loud defensive tone this season. He’s widely regarded as a relentless defender and a high motored guy who can really get into one’s chest. He’s got a reliable mid-range game as a southpaw who really secures the ball well. The 6-foot-5 Class of 2019 prospect’s stock is beginning to tip the high major scales. His athleticism is right up there with the other more highly touted recruits on the roster.

Miguel Miranda, Superior Collegiate

The 6-foot-6 guard is a lights out shooter who has the potential to be a highly efficient scorer and supplementary piece. He’s got a good feel for the game and coach John Bianchi describes him as a workhorse with a knack for the little things. Expect the Class of 2020 prospect to register his name while simultaneously providing another leg of offense.

Moussa Diabate, DME Academy

The high school national team bolsters the frontcourt with a better version of last year’s first team All-SIAA selection, Madiaw Niang (now at FAU). Diabete has already tipped the high major scales with his ultra versatile game and vertically explosive style. He’s got length, defensive versatility, a fluid jumper and a killer instinct coursing through his veins. DME will give him the structure that he so lacked while at Florida Prep in Melbourne.

At his size, he’s extremely adept at putting the ball on the deck and making plays. Similar to Niang, he knows how to exploit mismatches. He’s got the potential to lead the SIAA and the entire state in double doubles…as a sophomore.

Malcolm Farrington, DME Academy

The 6-foot-3 off guard has always shown an ability to shoot the ball and knockdown treys with efficiency, especially during tense moments and on big stages. He thirsts for those big shots under heightened pressure.

Now that he’s got the handle tightened and an IQ, don’t be surprised to see him operating offense and running the sets. He’s one of the stronger kids out there at this level, which helps tremendously with his play on the defensive end and ability to keep guards in front of him. Farrington’s ability to be a 3-point rainmaker was witnessed this summer, as he authored a 3-point clinic at Las Vegas. Farrington ended his recruitment by committing to Arkansas State last month.

Taelon Martin, Potter’s House Christian Academy

The electrifying 6-foot-4 guard has a smooth game and trampoline caliber hops, an attribute which enables him to make athletically-enhanced plays very few can simulate at this level. He’s also developed a tendency to get into the driving lanes and finish creatively, through contact and with a crafty and instinctive style. In an environment where he’s in the gym more and devoted to working steadily at his craft, he’s got the potential to solidify his high major status.

“We’ve added strength and conditioning to his regiment which he hasn’t been privy to in the past,” explained assistant coach Nick Couluris.

“We expect him to not only be one of our primary ball handlers, but also be able to swing over and play the wing spot. He’s got a very high basketball IQ. In the short time I’ve had with him, the game comes very easy to him. We as a staff just need to continue to challenge him and help him improve. He’s one of the top guards in the country and we want to showcase that.”