Posted On: 10/9/18 10:34 AM

The high school season is just around the corner and we’re previewing a few of the state’s most competitive conferences. One that will be the most interesting to watch is the Continental league as there are so many of the state’s top player competing on a nightly basis. Here is a look at some of the top guards in the Continental league.

Jamil Safieddine – Regis –2019

First and foremost, when doing my predictions for the league it was predicated on the thought that Jamil would not be with Regis for the upcoming season. With clarification that Jamil is on the fold that changes things completely as this is one of the best players in not only the conference but the state. They are a favorite in the conference and will surely make a push at the state title with the pieces around him. Jamil is one of the bigger guards in the state that does it all. He was the Raiders leading scorer (13.8) and assist man (3.8) as a junior and has high expectations for himself and the team. He causes mismatches every game and ability to alter the game in multiple ways will surely lead to team success.

TJ Boykins – Douglas County – 2019

TJ is a pure point guard that is explosive around the basket and attacks the paint but is also strong off of the dribble. He is usually the smallest player on the court but his impact is beyond size. He is great off the dribble and gets around defenders with ball handling moves that excels in pick and roll situations as well as isolation. What separates Boykins is his competitiveness and desire to win as he brings it on offense and tries to alter games on the defensive end as well. I expect this to be his best year yet with a well-balanced group around him.

Kobe Sanders – Chaparral—2020

Kobe is one of the most complete players in the state as he isn’t extremely explosive but has a deceptive first step that opens things up. He has solid ball handling and is able to stop on the dime and change directions at a moment’s notice which makes the defender guess if he is going to stop and shoot it, set up a teammate or blow by for the lay-up. The offense runs through him and he can affect the defense with either his passes or shooting. He is very craft with the ball and one of the state’s most intelligent players and that was only as a sophomore. This upcoming season with the loss of Ronnie DeGray he will be tasked with doing more and if there’s any player in the state that can do it, its Kobe.  

Payton Egloff – Regis – 2019

Payton is one of the state most elite shooters and is improving in other areas of his game which is a scary sight for the Continental league. Regis is one of, if not the best shooting team in the state as they have lineups that can shoot it 1-5 and their best shooter is Payton. He also shows the ability to be able to put the ball on the floor and create for others and also finish at the rim. He is always moving which opens things up and provides good spacing for others to get open and he can knock down open perimeter jumpers as well as contested jumpers. His biggest improvement from the offseason was showing that he isn’t a one-dimensional player but that he can also get inside the perimeter and make plays as playmaker.  He came to the 250 expos about a month back and showed the willingness to not only knock down jumpers which he is accustomed to but also set up others. On ball or off-ball Payton this year will be a joy to watch.

Cam Le Van – Legend –2020

I got to watch Cam this summer for AAU season for Colorado Chaos and one of the first things that stands out is intelligence. It’s as if he sees a play before it happens as he is one of the best floor generals in the state. As a sophomore, he was able to provide consistent leadership from the point guard position and he is a real playmaker that can take over the game. He distributes the ball and hits the open guy but even through double teams, zones and presses he seems to make the right play that typically results in a basket. He can score in the paint or also knock down the 3-point jumper and he set the tempo on a loaded Legend team that has to find ways to win close games. This seems to be everyone’s dark-horse pick for a state title run and with strong play from Le Van should be able to make the playoffs and surprise a team or two.