Posted On: 10/12/18 1:29 PM

The high school season is just around the corner and we’re previewing a few of the state’s most competitive conferences. One that will be the most interesting to watch is the Continental league as there are so many of the state’s top players competing on a nightly basis. Here is a look at some of the top big men in the Continental league that are ready to battle in the trenches as we conclude a strong conference. 

Matt Wheelock – Regis — 2019 

As far as length goes, this Regis team is one of the biggest teams in the state but also one of the most balanced. Almost every single player on their roster is capable of knocking down 3-pointers at an alarming rate which will be scary when thinking about the spacing in the Ken Shaw offense. Matt is a versatile offensive player as he is 6’8 and one of the taller players in the state and he gets his touches in a multitude of ways. He’s good in post ups, in the pick-and-roll, off cuts, running in transition and also pushing it off of the rebound. He is a smart and fundamentally sound big man that showcases passing ability, can put it on the floor and contributes to his team with the ability to go inside or space it out and score from the perimeter. He is adaptive and will be a huge reason for Regis’ success.

Austin Holt — 2019 — T-Ridge

Austin was one of the players I followed closely this summer as he was a major stock riser heading into AAU ball and he impressed. He remains one of the most underrated players in the entire state and he makes up for one of the best frontcourts in all of the state. Thunder Ridge will be a team that beats other teams not only with their guard play but because they have some of the best big men in the state. Austin is coming off of a junior year in which he averaged eight points, five rebounds a game and that should surely grow during his senior year. He does it all. He scores with his back to the basket, has great footwork on the block with a few set moves to go to, runs the floor and has good I.Q and hand-eye coordination as you can see with his ability to locate the pass and finish once he gets it and is excellent in the pick and roll as he can roll off of it or knock down the shot. He’s a very confident shooter with good release and will have to be accounted for at all times on the perimeter as he can hurt you inside or out. He has heart and is full of energy with a high motor and is a player that seems to want it more as seen by his improvement each year. This is the year for him.

Bailey Verk – 2019 — T Ridge

Bailey is one of the most versatile big men in the state as he is a guard stuck in a big man’s body. He has great court awareness and makes the right basketball play. He is a player the offense can run through as he might not score every time down he is a player that you feel comfortable having He is dangerous in half court situations and has the heart of a lion. He battles on every single possession and make sure the opposing big man feels his presence for the entirety of the game. He is a great rebounder as he uses his body to open things up, he puts a body on the defender, gets after it and provides second chance opportunities for his team and is the ultimate competitor. Bailey is a player you don’t have to call plays for as his energy and hustle will give him a few easy baskets. Bailey will be a staple for a pretty good T-Ridge team. They lost a few of their best players from last year’s team and is expected to take a step back, but with Verk, Holt and a few other players they remain one of the favorites in the Continental league. Expect big things from Bailey this year.

Micheal Poux – Castle View – 2019

Micheal is a 6’8 big man that is very active on the defensive end. He patrols the paint and ensures that nobody comes in without at least being contested. He is engaged on the defensive end, he rebounds well and what he is exceptionally well at is blocking shots. He puts his hands straight up, he puts bodies on defenders and doesn’t allow them to get comfortable on the block and uses his length to alter shots. On offense, he is a player that is used primarily in pick-and-rolls as he is a roll man that can spread the floor with mid-range jump shots or goes to the rim and finishes. He catches the ball and finishes but he is also a big man that looks for cutters and the open man which makes the offense more fluid. With much of the attention on Hettinger this year, Micheal will have to find ways to score and get attention off of him. By staying active on the boards, patrolling the paint on defense and finding consistency on offense Micheal will be a player to watch out of the Continental league this year.

Daniel Carr – Regis — 2019

Daniel is a 6’8 big man that is physically imposing. He is coming off of a year where he averaged 6.7 points and 3.8 rebounds a game and was one of the best players of the day at the Rocky Mountain Fall Showcase as well. He has a very unique skill set for a player his size in terms of his body control and coordination. He’s light on his feet and instinctual with the ball and is a difficult player to prepare for thanks in part to his consistent stroke from deep with the ability to knock down 3-pointers. He is able to create for himself or run through the flow of the offense and once he’s inside he can use his size to finish over smaller defenders. He has soft touch, is creative with the ball in his hands and should score a few more baskets a game with his budding footwork. This Regis team will be very dangerous and Carr is another weapon they have that can open things up. He looks like he might be one of the most improved players in the state heading into season and will be a player to watch closely.

Bryce Matthews – 2019 – Chaparral

Bryce is a player we’ll have to pay attention to as it’s unsure if he will play this upcoming season. If he does, look for Chap to be very competitive as he is an athletic big that jumps over defenders and brings energy to the court. He’s an above average rebounder and he shall shoulder the load left down low. He’s a player to keep an eye on with his decision coming soon.