Posted On: 10/1/18 6:21 PM

G Jaelin Solomon-Simpson (Brandon Hall)- A player I had never seen before Saturday, Solomon-Simpson made a nice first, and lasting, impression on me as well as others watching. Simpson took it upon himself to get things going for his team, creating opportunities off penetration whenever he had a chance to. He got to the paint at will but was not reckless, using his two steps wisely and adjusting his body well once help defenders came. Simpson was able to absorb contact and finish, displayed toughness, and kept his motor going throughout the day. I can’t imagine many people being able to stop him in GISA.


PG Kevin Wirth (North Paulding)- Wirth brought the same type of competitive, pesky approach that made me a fan of his in June. He makes guys uncomfortable, makes hustle plays, and makes an impact with his skill. Wirth shoots very well from the outside and is a good decision maker with the ball in his hands. He has the toughness to be effective against bigger players and is one of those guys whose effort you never have to question. He is a coach’s type player and his camp coaches raved about having him on their team.


F Josh Broughton (South Paulding)- I was looking for under the radar bigs throughout the day and Broughton was one who caught my eye early. Broughton stands at 6’7” with a big, thick body and uses his physical attributes to his advantage well. His sturdy body is hard to knock off its path; when Broughton made up his mind to get inside there wasn’t much that could be done to stop him. He threw down some powerful dunks and moved bodies in the paint to help himself and his teammates. Broughton should bring a nice dynamic to the South Paulding team this year.


PG Brent Kelly (Gainesville)- Kelly used his defense to get his offense going at camp, locking in as an on-ball defender and helping to create transition opportunities. His effort on the defensive side of the ball in a camp setting has to be appreciated as it is something that you don’t see too often. Kelly is quick with the ball on offense and is especially good at getting into the lane and finishing in a variety of ways. He gets others involved also, drawing defenders off of penetration and finding open teammates on the perimeter and interior. Kelly will be a good leader and example to follow at Gainesville this year.


F Nathan Presnell (Hiram)- As a forward who likes to run the floor, Presnell’s fast, athletic camp team suited him well. His squad got out in transition as much as they could, with Presnell being on the receiving end for a bucket on the run more than a few times. Presnell is a mobile forward who runs fluidly and gets up to the rim easily. He stays active inside, getting offensive rebounds frequently and sneaking in for quick baskets. Presnell is skilled enough from 15 feet and in as well, showing the ability to take slower posts off the dribble. His mix of tools should result in another productive season at Hiram.


PG Stevin Greene (Morgan County)- If you wanted a sparkplug from the Top 250, look no further than Greene. He may have been one of the smaller guys at the camp, but his speed, quickness, and overall athletic ability allowed him to make a significant impact. Greene used his fast-twitch hops to get up for uncontested mid-range jumpers, on which he connected on at a good rate. He made some nice plays on the defensive end both on and off the ball, and was pretty effective in transition. It is easy for Greene to go overlooked because of his size and situation on his high school team, but he is a productive player.