Posted On: 10/11/18 6:49 PM

The Tri-Metro, the nine team league consisting of a metro private and public school mix.  How is the 18-19 season shaping up? We dive in now. 

Last Year – 17-18. 1) DeLaSalle, 2) Columbia Heights, 3) Brooklyn Center, 4) St. Croix Lutheran, 5) Concordia Academy, 6) St. Anthony Village, 7) Fridley, 8) Holy Angels, 9) St. Agnes

Conference Commentary

Top Ten – DeLaSalle

Preseason number one in Class AAA and they have the best couple players in the class in Tyrell and Jamison, they have size with Jamison and Jalen Travis, they have shooters that can destroy in Battle and Cade Haskins, and oh so so many guards who can attack and defend including Semaj Hart, Kameron Given, and Park Center transfer Amir Whitlock. 

Top Ten Potential – Columbia Heights

The Hylanders are a back end top ten squad to start the year, maybe just on the outside of it simply because they lost a lot of seniors that were so good for so long.  But they will not slip.  Coach Willie Braziel is as good as they come, Jarvis Wright is back from last year’s starting line-up, and the guard pair of Jordan Jones and Amir Davis is strong.  What we don’t know is what they have for depth in the other two starters and bench.  That will make the difference in them being a top 11-14 team, and a top 4-6 team. 

Compete with Most – Concordia Academy, St. Anthony, Holy Angles

Tait Nelson will have to pick up the pieces of so many seniors that have moved on but he’s tough and can handle it.  Holy Angles has a chance to be very good.  They have three starters back plus the Johnsons have come over from Washburn.  Emmett Johnson is one of the best better 2022 guards while Charles scored 13 a game at Washburn and then had a great year with the Comets.  If the Stars have something up front they could really surprise.  Concordia Academy is the next sleeper to talk about.  Barnabas Preble is a 20 a game guy and this is a team with four of their top six guys back.  

Rebuilding – Brooklyn Center, Fridley, St. Agnes, St. Croix Lutheran

Brooklyn Center is rebuilding.  They lost their top two guys, three starters, and their top big.  But they still have talent.  Qentrell Douglas is ready for a big role as a senior, there are a few other upperclassmen with experience and look out for the young kids.  Wow does BC have another group coming through.  How many of them play this year is the question as they are young, but some will and they are good.  St. Agnes has a couple solid seniors back but lost their 20 a game guy plus must fill some other holes from a 6 win team.  St. Croix Lutheran had a big senior class go through and we don’t know that they have the depth to compete the way they usually do early in the year. Then there is Fridley, much of what we said about St. Croix is true with them as well as so much senior contributions left.  Watch for Hassan Kamarha though!

Preseason Power Ranking

  1. 1) DeLaSalle
  2. 2) Columbia Heights
  3. 3) Brooklyn Center
  4. 4) Holy Angles
  5. 5) Concordia Academy
  6. 6) St. Anthony
  7. 7) Fridley
  8. 8) St. Croix Lutheran
  9. 9) St.Agnes

Preseason All Tri-Metro

First Team

Tyrell Terry of DeLaSalle (12).

Jamison Battle of DeLaSalle (12). 

Tait Nelson of St. Anthony (11). 

Jarvis Wright of Columbia Heights (12). 

Charles Johnson of Holy Angels (12).

Second Team

Barnabas Preble of Concordia Academy (12)

Qentrell Douglas of Brooklyn Center (12)

Amir Whitlock of DeLaSalle (11).

Cade Haskins of DeLaSalle (10). 

Amir Davis of Columbia Heights (12).

Third Team

Kameron Givens of DeLaSalle (12). 

Max Gerstner of Holy Angels (12).

Hassan Kamarha of Fridley (9). 

Jordan Jones of Columbia Heights (11).

Xavier Garcia of St. Croix Lutheran (10).  

Fourth Team

Isaac Burns of Fridley (11).

Aaron Terhaar of Concordia Academy (11). 

Roland Russ of Brooklyn Center (12). 

Jalen Travis of DeLaSalle (11).

Julian Wright of DeLaSalle (12). 

Fifth Team

Emmett Johnson of Holy Angels (9).

Quyavant Douglas of Brooklyn Center (8). 

Norman Strickland of St. Agnes (12). 

Ezra Blumer of St. Croix Lutheran (12).

Jacob Brenzy of St. Agnes (11). 

Semaj Hart of DeLaSalle (11).