Posted On: 10/18/18 9:35 AM

The 2020 Top 250 Expo attendees around the country included some of the nation’s best players. So of the nation’s best, who played at the highest level?  The Top 250 Expo Junior All American Team gives you the nation’s best.


Top 250 Expo Junior All American First Team

Naseem Khaalid of South Carolina. Basketball fans in South Carolina are happy that Naseem is back in state and using his bruising guard skills to produce at the South Carolina Expo. Committed to Florida State.

Ty Berry of Kansas. Played both guard spots and played both spots at a very high level at the Expo. One of the elite PGs in the nation, Berry showed off his four level ability at the Kansas event.

PJ Hall of South Carolina.   Hall continues to gather offers from the ACC and SEC area schools plus is the top South Carolina returning high school junior in the state. Relentlessly scored in the paint.

Seryee Lewis of Illinois. At 6-foot-9 Lewis dominated the paint throughout the Expo contests. Few in the nation rebounded at his level plus he finished everything around the basket aggressively and blocked a load of attempts.

Toneari Lane of Georgia. Relentless. Consistent. Downright Dominant. The way Lane went at everyone at the event with a constant desire to produce left a big impression. Auburn and Ole Miss have offered, after watching him we believe this is just the start.


Top 250 Expo Junior All American Second Team

Myles Tate of South Carolina. One of the best passers to compete in any Expo around the country, Hall was one of the national leader in assists at the events plus used his pull-up jumper to find regular success.

Chris Grubbs of Indiana.   The potential of Grubbs is high level and more and more of it is being shown on a regular basis. The athletic attacks, consistency of jumper, all of it is coming around and was shown at the Expo.

Devon House of Illinois. House was the definition of low post dominance at the Expo finishing everything that he caught around the basket. The boards were simply his but even more than that, the way House used his feet and post moves impressed.

Ladamien Bradford of Louisiana.   Guards in Louisiana are still having nightmares from the way Bradford burst into space possession after possession. Bradford’s no-look assist was one of the elite highlights of the event.

Jack Wetzel of Iowa. The Wetzel jumper is so pure, so beautiful it nearly pushed him to Iowa MVP honors over some of the state’s betters seniors. When Jack’s name is being talked about in conversations of offers, it’s because he can play, and because the jumper is beautiful.


Top 250 Expo Junior All American Third Team

Jayden Johnson of Illinois. The beauty of his shot ranks with the best and Jayden scored with that touch in bunches but forces little. Smart player that took games over with his touch.

Collin Holloway of Louisiana. Showed up at the Expo event with a legit injury and competed as hard as anybody we saw this fall. The way he scored you wouldn’t know he was hurt. Toughness at it’s highest level.

Corey Smooth of Louisiana. Smooth’s attack is nasty. Defenders couldn’t keep him in front and help defenders were on a constant island in a no-win situation. Lay-ups and high percentage shots was the result.

Austin Lewis of Texas. Austin is a 6-foot-9 forward that at times looked like a stretch four and at others times looked like an aggressive, highly motivated rim running big getting things done at the cup.

Kobe Busch of South Dakota. Busch is the type of guy that physically could dominate players in whatever way he chooses in Sioux Falls. The skills are there to play several spots and his motor and IQ have D1s thinking about Huron, SD travels.

Jesse White of Oregon. Jesse White’s performance is something that will be talked about for a long time coming. Anybody that was there stopped no matter what they were doing to see Jesse hits shots from everywhere on the floor. So much fun to watch.