Posted On: 10/9/18 7:49 PM

The Suburban East Conference will always include some of the state’s best teams but there will be some change in 18-19.  We look at the SEC today. 

17-18 Last Year.  1) CDH, 2) East Ridge, 3) Woodbury, 4) Roseville, 5) Forest Lake, 6) White Bear Lake, 7), Mounds View, 8) Stillwater, 9) Park of Cottage Grove

Conference Commentary

Top Ten – East Ridge, Cretin-Derham Hall

The Raptors are likely the preseason number one.  This is not a clear number one but the way the Raptors went full squad vs full squad at Eden Prairie this summer and controlled the game they look like the best candidate (but there are many good candidates).  Two nationally ranked players (Kendall Brown and Ben Carlson), a Milwaukee committed senior (Courtney Brown Jr), several quality seniors, and a lot of upcoming talent make the Raptors very dangerous.  Then you have CDH.  Several lost seniors?  Yes but the combo of returning players and incoming transfers keeps the Raiders a top ten squad. Jaeden King, Curtis Jones, and Trejuan Holloman will make for a fun running backcourt. 

Potential Top Ten – White Bear Lake, Park of Cottage Grove

It’s time WBL, time to make that run.  Senior PG, a D2 committed wing, a big number big, all seniors, this looks like a team that can have a great year and maybe make some noise come March.  There is also Park of Cottage Grove.  Yes I know, a six win team last season.  But there is very legit talent on that team and it was crushed by injuries last year.  The Wolfpack have a chance to be good.  Maybe not top ten good, but I want them in this spot to let people know there are some good players in green. 

Compete with Most – Roseville, Forest Lake, Mounds View

Roseville won 16 last year, Forest Lake won 20 last year.  The Rangers likely won’t hit the 20 spot this year but they never fall far.  Roseville can match the 16 potentially but anything bigger will take good health and great chemistry.  It’s possible. Mounds View struggled last season but Nate Albers and Brendan Kauls are a nice pair to lead the Mustangs for a nice season.  Mounds View will compete with Roseville, Forest Lake, and Park for fourth in this league. 

Rebuilding – Woodbury, Stillwater

Woodbury will not be as bad as you think despite losing so many players but there are not many names that will be in the rotation that have experience therefore we really aren’t sure what to say on them (Adam Mazur and Drew Bramlett are bench players that return).  Then you have  Stillwater who has a really good player in Nate Shikenjanski but what is with him is a mystery and they had a bad 17-18.

Predicted Order of Finish

  1. East Ridge
  2. Cretin-Derham Hall
  3. White Bear Lake
  4. Roseville
  5. Park of Cottage Grove
  6. Forest Lake
  7. Mounds View
  8. Woodbury
  9. Stillwater

Preseason All SEC

First Team

Ben Carlson of East Ridge (11)

Kendall Brown of East Ridge (10)

Courtney Brown Jr of East Ridge (12)

Trejuan Holloman of CDH (9)

Jaeden King of CDH (12)


Second Team

Charlie Gorres of Park of Cottage Grove (12)

Curtis Jones of CDH (11)

Karsten Broadley of CDH (12)

Jeremy Beckler of White Bear Lake (12)

Samuel Schwartz of White Bear Lake (12)


Third Team

Dominek Block of Park of Cottage Grove (12)

Nate Shikenjanski of Stillwater (12)

Josh Albers of Mounds View (12)

Isaac Tessier of White Bear Lake (12)

Jovan Hunter of Roseville (12)


Fourth Team

John Schrader of Forest Lake (12)

Alex Larson of East Ridge (12)

Brendan Kauls of Mounds View (12)

Yohanes Gebeyehu of Roseville (12)

Hunter Damon of Forest Lake (12)


Fifth Team

Marshaun Campbell of Park of Cottage Grove (12)

Mario Dukes of Roseville (12).

Zach Zebrowski of East Ridge (12)

Amari Carter of Cretin-Derham Hall (11)

Adam Mazur of Woodbury (12)