Posted On: 10/19/18 1:50 PM

The six team IMAC League has an odd range of teams but also some of the better talent in the metro area.  Minnehaha Academy headlines the group. 

Last Year (17-18):  1) Minnehaha Academy, 2) Breck, 3) Providence Academy, 4) Blake, 5) Mounds Park Academy, 6) St. Paul Academy

Conference Commentary

Top Ten – Minnehaha Academy, Breck

Minnehaha Academy is the overwhelming favorite to get to state and earn a third straight state title in Class AA.  Did they lose JaVonni Bickham, Terry Lockett, and Lorenzo Smith?  Sure.  But they have a five-star national stud in Jalen Suggs, a five star 2021 big in Chet Holmgren, a potential 5-star 2022 in Prince Aligbe, plus experienced Kaden Johnson back.  They are the heavy favorite for a three-peat. 

The Mustangs have their two top guys back in David Roddy and Joey Ganley which is a bigger deal than when other teams have their top two guys back.  Sure there is much to replace on the wing and in the backcout but Jaren Morton should be ready for a bigger slate as a sophomore and then there is Roddy.  At the Class AA level a like David is a rare commodity.  Friend and colleague TC Hoops Czar recently said he could see a 30/15 season from Roddy and I agree. 

Compete with Most – Blake, Providence Academy, Mounds Park

How fun was Mounds Park Academy’s run to follow in March?!?! Pretty cool for a team that hasn’t been talked about much simply because they have lost for many years and being quiet or talking about a guy here or there is nice than talking record.  But Yahya Madar is a 20 point per game guy with a fun game to watch and that late season run should help them win more games. 

Providence Academy and Blake.  So so different, but yet in the same discussion.  They had the same records last year overall and the difference in the conference season was that Providence beat Blake twice by double digits last year.  Both teams bring the majority of their squads back but Providence is bigger and has more veteran bodies.  Blake should take steps forward but may have another year of rebuilding to do. Providence is a team that should have some fun games with Breck, before Roddy puts them away. 

Rebuilding – St. Paul Academy

I realize that they were three games above .500 last year but they were the worst team in this league and their non-conference while smart for them maybe, it is not what the other teams faced.  Ryan Moore is a nice player for SPA which is one of the more original and uniquely cool schools in the metro. 


Predicted Order of Finish

1 – Minnehaha Academy

2 – Breck

3 – Providence Academy

4 – Blake

5 – Mounds Park Academy

6 – St. Paul Academy


Preseason All IMAC

First Team

David Roddy of Breck (12)

Jalen Suggs of Minnehaha Academy (11)

Chet Holmgren of Minnehaha Academy (10)

Kaden Johnson of Minnehaha Academy (11)

Prince Aligbe of Minnehaha Academy (9)

Mark Richelson of Providence Academy (12)


Second Team

Joey Ganley of Breck (12)

Yahya Madar of Mounds Park Academy (12)

Logan Bloomberg of Providence Academy (12)

Gabe Ganz of Blake (10)

Robert Grace IV of Blake (10)

Ryan Moore of St. Paul Academy (12)


Third Team

Jasper Liu of Blake (10)

Jared Morton of Breck (10)

Dylan Servais of Providence Academy (12)

Eli Kilpatrick of Blake (12)

Ben Nippolt of Mounds Park Academy (12)

Joey Fafinski of Providence Academy (12)