Posted On: 10/8/18 9:49 AM

The class of 2020 Prospect Rankings have been updated. This rendition replaces our update from early-June. The data points that went into today’s update are led by the July Live Period but also include watching film (shout out to Baller TV), talking with colleagues and coaches, the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo, and other events.

It may seem like forever ago, but we took particular interest in rising juniors this July. We’d been hesitant to make significant changes to the 2020 rankings after the spring, but we’re putting these out today with more confidence than usual.

Although there will inevitably be misses here and there, it seems that the dust has settled on this class. Our top 11 remains unchanged, although guys have traded places. The second and third tiers of prospects, more than anything, have emerged. There is now a palpable crop of low-major, D-II, and NAIA prospects, ranging down to approximately no. 75.

Prospects will always fluctuate within their tiers, though, including those at the very top. Zach Loveday and Zeb Jackson remain in their top two spots with Jackson considerably closer to Loveday at this point. Grant Huffman, now healthy and growing physically and as a player, leapfrogged Garvin Clarke. Clarke is still the best pure point guard in the class.

Then, there’s Mo Njie jumping from no. 11 to top five status. His natural shot-blocking and defensive ability puts him at a mid-major/high-major level potentially. In his first year playing AAU ball Njie pulled offers from Xavier, Dayton, Toledo, and Providence without even consistently starting for C2K Elite. His potential is that obvious including sneaky good offensive footwork, even if his ball skills lack for the time being. 

As always, we will come back tomorrow with a look at Stock-Risers and Newcomers for this update. Players like Marcus Johnson, CJ Anthony, Tyler Eberhart, Paul Burris, Luke Howes, and Branson Taylor will be highlighted. Position rankings coming in just a few hours, too. Finally, expect a week’s worth of analysis by region. 

For now, click HERE to view Ohio’s 2020 Prospect Rankings by Prep Hoops Ohio.