Posted On: 10/31/18 3:33 PM

Jamestown big Mason Walters averaged 16.3 points and eight boards a game last winter earning his way to a scholarship in his hometown college program, Jamestown University.  Today Mason takes on, The Basketball Interview. 

PH: What are your first memories of basketball becoming something you love and a big part of your life?

Mason Walters: My first memories of playing basketball are just playing for fun with my dad and him always helping me and pushing me to get better.

What is your pregame ritual on game day?

Mason Walters: My pregame ritual on game day is to watch the Jv and younger teams game before ours because I remember how much it meant when the varsity came an watched us.

Who is your favorite college or professional player to watch? 

Mason Walters: My favorite professional player to watch is Lebron James because of how good he is and their may never be another player as good as him again.

Who is your team’s biggest rival in basketball and what makes that rivalry special?

Mason Walters: I wouldn’t say we really have a rival but we look forward to playing Century because they have been one of the top teams in the state for awhile and we want to play the best teams.

When you are off the floor, what is your favorite hobby to take part in?

Mason Walters: I like to hang out with friends and play a little bit of video games when I’m not playing basketball.

The best movie of all time is? 

Mason Walters: My favorite movie is probably Bad Boys or The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

At this point in your basketball life what has been the most memorable moment, or moments?

Mason Walters: My most memorable moment so far has probably been last year beating Mandan in the first round of WDA and making it to state in a game that we weren’t expected to win. And being able to celebrate with all of my teammates and the fans.

How do players in your community support and relate to the young and up and coming players? In other words, what do you guys do to support the youth hoopers in your area?

Mason Walters: Players in Jamestown help younger kids in our community by working camps and helping ref tournaments.