Posted On: 10/30/18 6:05 PM

Dordt committed big man Camden Bialas of Parker High School has the pressures of picking school behind him.  Now he’s looking forward to enjoying his senior year. 

Prep Hoops: What are your first memories of basketball becoming something you love and a big part of your life?

Camden Bialas: Since I started playing organized basketball in 4th grade, I’ve been pretty much playing with the same group of guys. I remember having a lot of fun at games and tournaments with them and really getting better as a team. These are great memories, and I’ve grown to love basketball more and more as time goes on.

Who is your favorite college or professional player to watch? And to learn from (if different)?

Camden Bialas: It’s a privilege to be able to watch guys like Lebron, Durant, and Steph make history right before our eyes. I tend to watch the games that have the most talent on the floor. I also try to learn from NBA “modern” bigs like Karl-Anthony Towns, Joel Embiid, and Anthony Davis

If you could play on any court in the world, what court would you pick and why?

Camden Bialas: It would be amazing to play on the Dean Smith Center’s floor. I grew up a Tar Heel fan and it would be awesome to play on that court.

Who is your team’s biggest rival in basketball and what makes that rivalry special?

Camden Bialas:  I would say we don’t have one true rival, but there are a few schools that have brought some memorable games. Irene-Wakonda is fun to play against, especially when we battled for the region championship as a Class B team. A couple other teams that have been fun and exciting to play against recently have been Sioux Valley and Chester.

When you are off the floor, what is your favorite hobby to take part in? 

Camden Bialas: Off the floor, I love watching and following basketball. I watch a lot of NBA and college games in my free time. I also would consider myself to be a solid NBA 2K player.

The best sports movie of all time is?

Camden Bialas:  I’d say Hoosiers is my favorite sports movie of all time. I watch it before the start of every basketball season. I honestly don’t watch too many movies outside of sports movies, but I do watch the occasional comedy.

At this point in your basketball life what has been the most memorable moment, or moments?

Camden Bialas:  There are so many great memories, but I’m going to limit myself to two. The biggest memory for me was the region game against Irene-Wakonda and making it to state. That was one of the happiest times of my life. After that, the 3rd/4th place game against Sully Buttes that year was one I’ll never forget, even though we unfortunately lost.

How do players in your community support and relate to the young and up and coming players? In other words, what do you guys do to support the youth hoopers in your area?

Camden Bialas:  There’s a big push here at Parker to get more interest in basketball from the youth. Every summer, the players help out at an elementary camp. This fall, we are helping out with a fall league for younger kids to get up and down the floor and become better players. We’re even giving out our own basketball cards with our basketball pictures on them and giving them to younger kids.

What is the best advice that you’ve received in life?

Camden Bialas: Someone once told me, “SHOOT THE BALL!” Good advice.