Posted On: 10/30/18 6:18 PM

South Dakota School of Mines committed guard Ale Rama is a special student athlete for many reasons.  His passion for this game comes out in The Basketball Interview. 

PHD: What are your first memories of basketball becoming something you love and a big part of your life?

Ale Rama:  I never really had first memories of basketball being a big part of my life because I grew up with it being a big part of my life so it was always just normal. When I was little I never talked. All I did was play on my little tikes hoop. So basketball always was just something I had a passion for.

What is your pregame ritual on game day?

Ale Rama:  My pregame ritual is I like to go in before halftime the game before so I could take my time getting ready and get a good stretch in and that is my time to just put some music on and think about what I have to do that game or whatever the gameplan is. Usually listen to some chill music. As the start of the game gets closer I turn my music off and just dribble around and get a feel for the energy in the room and the gym. I start going over with the rest of my team with what they need to do then we go over together as a team what we need to do.

Who is your favorite college or professional player to watch? And to learn from (if different)?

Ale Rama:  I love to watch Trey Young! He isn’t a super strong player and he isn’t a crazy athlete. But yet he still gets in the lane and makes good plays at the rim and has really good court vision (something I’m working on). My favorite player to learn from is easily Kyrie Irving. Kyrie sets up his defenders with how he shows ball and different fakes. He is also an amazing finisher and has helped me improve my game

Who is your team’s biggest rival in basketball and what makes that rivalry special?

Ale Rama:  My team’s biggest rival and I’d consider one of the biggest rivalries in the state is Pine Ridge. Pine Ridge is located on 5 miles away from our school and most of the players on that team, me and my teammates grew up going against them at all the tourneys around the area. So this rivalry every year splits our reservation in two. One night of the year you’re either a Sader or a Thorpe and that’s all that matters.

When you are off the floor, what is your favorite hobby to take part in?

Ale Rama: I’m a person of many talents. I really enjoy riding horse and I’ve worked on a ranch for a couple of summers so I know how to drive tractor but I also know how to juggle and solve rubix cubes. But I really enjoy math. I’m currently taking AP calc and I like the challenge of figuring out the problems. That’s one reason I wanted to learn how to solve a rubix cube is because it was a challenge.

At this point in your basketball life what has been the most memorable moments?

Ale Rama: The most memorable part was going to state. Easily. We were the under dog in the sweet 16 game and won by 30 and then at state everyone predicted us to take 8th but we ended up going 2-1 and placing 5th so to be able to do that will be something I will always remember

How do players in your community support and relate to the young and up and coming players? In other words, what do you guys do to support the area youth hoopers in your area?

Ale Rama:  I’m super involved with the youth in my area. Even during basketball season every Monday and Wednesday and Saturday I help with this program we have called “Lil’ Saders”. This has given me the opportunity to reach out to the lives of the youth in the area and help as much as I could for the youth. I’m going to be doing a camp alongside a player from Pine Ridge (Corey Brown) and it will be fully run by me and him and supported by our tribe. We are going to feed and give every kid shirts.

What is the best advice that you’ve received in life?

Ale Rama: It’s awesome to be good at basketball and to be a hard worker or have all these things or skills. But it’s more important to be a good person. Use the skills and things that you’re fortunate to have to help those that are unfortunate.