Posted On: 10/10/18 8:30 AM

A basketball player, at any position, has to be able to shoot the basketball. There’s no other way to put it. Guys have to have a jump shot in order to have a long basketball career.

Power forwards and centers are as athletic and versatile as guards, with a jump shot.

I have had the pleasure of sitting in on some of the best talent in the state of Tennessee. With the month of October a third out of the way, I have been to Center Hill, Bartlett, Briarcrest Christian, Olive Branch, and Lausanne.

There’s talent on each team I watched practice for almost two hours. I paid close attention to the team’s best shooters. I wanted to see who can let it rip from deep. Five players out of the schools stood out to me. It was an easy choice.

Here are my top 5 shooters:

Kennedy Chandler, Briarcrest Christian

Chandler has put in the work to be in position to have a successful sophomore season. He gets up early in the morning to put shots up in the gym. He’s always working on his game. Chandler is always looking for other ways to score. Chandler is a solid outside shooter. His father, Kylan Chandler, mentioned to me how much his son has dedicated a lot of his time to the gym. It’s showing.

Peyton Piacenti, Lausanne

Piacenti is only a freshman and will get better over time. He’s going to help the Lynx score the basketball when Sky Forest and Alden Applewhite are seeing double teams. Piacenti can’t be left open. He’s a sniper from the 3-point line. Each time he knocks down a 3, the nets echo throughout the gym.

Tyler Harrington, Briarcrest Christian

Harrington is a Division 1 baseball player in the making but has a cannon on the basketball court. He can knock down shots in transition and in half-court situations. The Saints are going to score a lot of points this upcoming season with Harrington in the lineup.

Braxton Morris, Center Hill

The junior shooting guard has to take practice more serious than ever. Morris has the talent to be elite at his position but he needs to realize the importance of giving it his all at practice when it’s just him, his teammates, and head coach Newton Mealer. Morris is a swiftly left-handed shooter. He’s one of the Mustangs’ best shooters.

Morris’ teammate, Calvin Temple, committed to IUPUI last month. It’s obvious Temple took practice seriously. Just maybe Morris can learn a thing or two from the senior point guard.

Jake Manley, Bartlett

Jalen Cincore and Antavion “Dude” Collum will be the faces of the Panthers this upcoming season but the supporting cast will be just as important. Jake Manley is one of those important pieces that can shoot from deep. He’s not afraid to take a shot, which is how a guard needs to play. Manley has a quick release, which will make a defender’s job difficult to secure a block.