Posted On: 10/19/18 4:47 AM

On Thursday afternoon we had the privilege or dropping in on Terry Sanford HS workouts to check out their squad for the 2018-2019 season. The squad is younger this year without a doubt which will cause for some growing pains early on but once things begin to click, this team could be very scary.

Due to football and soccer there were several players that were unable to attend but we did get to see some good talent and hard work from the youngsters that were in attendance so let’s jump right into it.

2020 Wing Yates Johnson: We expect his production and role as a leader to increase this season which should only help to boost his recruitment as well. He has a nice IQ for the game, can knock down shots and understands how to play within his strengths, plenty to like about the 6’5 Wing.

2020 Guard Jay Hickman: Jay transfers in from Northwood Temple and provides the Bulldogs with some stellar shooting from deep. We saw him knock down shots all last season and during the workout he was on fire from midrange and deep, will be a player to keep a close eye on.

2020 Forward Kyron Kelly: Over the summer we heard plenty of good things about this young man, he has a good amount of potential and has come a long way so far. His long wingspan and athletic ability are things that will catch your attention almost right away, as Coach Corbett told us, anything inside the paint is basically a dunk for him.

2021 Guard Kellen Ballou: Another player that transfers in from Northwood Temple that should help Terry Sanford right away. One of his best attributes that we saw was his ability to knock down shots from deep, he has good form on his shot and seems to shoot it with confidence and no hesitation each time.

Players unable to attend due to football and soccer:

2022 Wing/Forward Davis Molnar: He currently is playing soccer but we got the chance to see him on the court last Saturday at the GMR SEAFI. You have to love the potential he has as well as a skillset that’s already solid, he can knock down the outside shot with high efficiency and when he’s aggressive he can be a dangerous player.

2019 Guard Dante Bowlding: He currently is playing football but last year he logged major minutes for the squad and should be a nice part of what they do this year. Getting after it on the defensive end and facilitating the team’s offense are some of the things that we saw from him last year and we expect to see again this season.