Posted On: 10/28/18 9:33 PM

The Underclassmen in Region 6-AAAA will dominate a few schools roster this season. Marlboro County HS and Myrtle Beach HS will rely on a lot of young talent. Prep Hoops takes a look at the region in this article right here. 


Emorie Knox

Emorie Knox (2020) – Myrtle Beach HS  (pictured on front)

Knox is the cream of the crop here for Underclassmen in Region 6-AAAA. Knox a lone veteran on the Seahawks squad should add onto his numbers from last season. Knox 6’0 point guard is very quick end to end on the floor and has the ability to pressure the ball 94 feet. Knox averaged 11 ppg, 4 assists and 3 steals last season for the Seahawks. 


Darius Hough

Darius Hough (2020) – Myrtle Beach HS 

Hough transferred into Myrtle Beach HS back in February 2018 after attending Gray Collegiate Academy. Hough will be a nice addition to the Seahawks team this season. Hough is very athletic and really good length. Hough didn’t play with the Seahawks this past summer after staying back in the Columbia area. 


Wesley Brown

Wesley Brown (2020) – Marlboro County HS (Bennettsville)

Brown a wing player has good length and a decent touch from 16-18 feet on the floor. Brown had some good games last season for the Bulldogs. Brown averaged 6 ppg last season and look for those numbers to increase. 


Ryan Dupree

Ryan Dupree (2020) – Marlboro County HS (Bennettsville)

Dupree is a bit of a junk yard dog at times on the floor. Dupree plays in the paint and isn’t afraid to draw contact. Dupree dos his best work around the paint. 


Jamean Muldrow

Jamean Muldrow (2020) – Darlington HS 

Muldrow a left-handed player is still trying to figure out what position he really excels at on the hardwood. Muldrow likes to work the baseline and feels very comfortable rebounding the ball on both ends of the floor. Muldrow was learning to play some point guard this summer with the Falcons. Muldrow averaged 10.7 ppg last season. 


Cesare Edwards

Cesare Edwards (2021) – Hartsville HS 

Edwards 6’8 needs to have a breakout season for the Red Foxes. Edwards has all the tools and needs to fine tune them this season and help Gamecock recruit Trae Hannibal lead the Red Foxes. Edwards feels more comfortable playing face-up and shooting the ball on the perimeter. 


Ayden Hickman

Ayden Hickman (2021) – Myrtle Beach HS 

Hickman is the sleeper in this region. Hickman plays with a good confidence and can really bury some shots down on the perimeter. Hickman could be the X factor at times this season for the Seahawks. 


Kieran Leviner

Kieran Leviner (2022), Keyon Adams (2022) and Pedro Davila (2022) – Marlboro County HS (Bennettsville) 

The future of the Bulldogs program stands right here in this freshman class. All three of these players played last month in the Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo. The future is bright in Bennettsville along the border belt.