Posted On: 10/15/18 2:52 PM

There seemed to be a question that was lingering all spring going into the summer – what was Kelton Samore doing for basketball next year? It was a reasonable question since the skilled 6-foot-9 forward from Grant High School held a number of Division I scholarship offers, but no decision had been made. Well now that it’s fall, the immediate future at leat is certain for Samore. He’s out on the East Coast taking a prep school year, picking up new college interest while maintaining the old as well.

Samore is currently at Bridgton Academy in Maine and he explained the strategy of playing another year of prep basketball. “I was close to committing to Colgate when I took my official there and ultimately decided it wasn’t the best place for me,” Samore said. “I didn’t want to rush (my recruitment) and didn’t love any of the schools enough to want to be there for four years, so the high major (programs) that I was talking to suggested that prep would be a great option for me to increase my recruiting and help my body get bigger and stronger.”

Samore has been at Bridgton since the start of the semester and he’s already noticed an immediate difference. “It’s a completely different game than high school,” Samore said. “We’re in the weight room four times a week and practicing and practices are much harder and longer. I’ve gained seven points already and it’s been great. I love my coach – Whit Lesure – and our gym has had a fair amount of coaches coming in. It’s really far from home but it’s fine with me – I’m really enjoying it.”

The results can be seen in his recruitment as well as coaches have dropped by open gym. He’s picked up new offers from Holy Cross and UNC Asheville, and other such as Marist, Elon, Penn, Brown, Furman, UMass, and Bucknell have been in contact. Samore remains in touch with a number of the other schools that had been recruiting him before, which included Portland, San Francisco, Boise State, and UC Davis. Samore is aiming for a spring decision and is keeping all of his options open.

“I still really like the schools in the WCC and on the West as well but I’d be fine with staying in the East,” Samore said. “It’s going to be wherever is the best fit and wherever I have the best fit with the coaches – that’s what I care about them most more than location. We have 2-3 huge tournaments that really affect our stock, so I’ll try to go out there and play as well as I can and see what happens.”

Samore noted that he will be playing more of a stretch four and some three at Bridgton, but should still find himself in the post to utilize his scoring ability. Samore ranked #5 in the PrepHoops Oregon Class of 2018 rankings.