Recruiting Report: Leighton Glodek (2019)


Posted On: 10/18/18 8:45 AM

One of the better defenders, workers, and wing rebounders out there is Irondale 6-foot-4 forward Leighton Glodek.  Irondale will take a step forward this year, after they get done winning football games of course. 

Basketball is coming, but first 1-2 hoops punch Aden Price to Leighton Glodek has to wait for 1-2 football punch Leighton Glodek to finish throwing TD passes to Aden Price.  

Irondale is 6-2 right now heading into the playoffs and that exactly where Leighton’s head is at.  Glodek is being recruited for both basketball AND football and there are visits coming up fast for both. 

“I’m trying to get to some basketball visits after football season (SMUM, Hamline, Concordia Moorhead) and than I’ve been to St Thomas, Bemidji State, and University Minnesota Moorhead next week for football,” Leighton said.

In football Irondale has a tough section with Cooper and Spring Lake Park, but Irondale is also very good.  In hoops the Knights won four games last year therefore excitement shouldn’t be as high for hoops, right?  Wrong.  Glodek, Price, and company have something to prove. 

“Some things that I am most looking forward to is just being with my teammates and enjoying the ride,” Leighton said.  We all are on the same page and we just have one goal. To win.

“We don’t care about stats or who gets the credit we just want to win and we will do whatever it takes to do that.”

Glodek shared a story about a road trip his team took that best represents why we all love the brotherhood of being on a basketball team.

“One moment I will always remember is the road trip up to Duluth with the team. We had a good time on the way up, all three teams won, then partied on the way home. Made a lot of memories that trip.”

Being on a basketball team is always fun, but it’s even more fun when teams win.  Glodek will do anything to help his team win and that starts with moving the basketball. 

“I want to get better at getting my teammates open this year,” Leighton said.  “We have some up and coming juniors that should be getting in the mix and making sure they get some open shots will get their confidence up.

“We’re going to need to play unselfish basketball if we want to win a lot of games this year.”