Posted On: 10/17/18 2:25 PM

From the end of last season, few players have risen up the 2020 rankings in Louisiana as much as Ladamien Bradford. He has jumped up to right outside the top 5, and is currently sitting at 6th in the 2020 rankings, but he is knocking hard on the door of the top 5. When it comes to his physical gifts, it’s easy to see why Bradford has had so much success. He stands at 6’4, has a super quick first step, and has excellent vision when passing the ball. He is liable for a triple double anytime he steps on the court in a high school game, and last year put up a truly ridiculous stat line of 11 points, 16 rebounds, and 16 assists. “My biggest strengths are seeing the floor, and getting to the rim and finishing” Bradford says.

He spent this offseason playing on Louisiana Elite’s 16u, and although he played well, he still sees room for improvement. “I talked to my Coach AD, and we both agreed I could have performed way better than I did, but I wouldn’t want to play with anybody else in the world. Coach Kimble and Coach Jones take care of us and make sure we’re straight. We are one big family.”

Since the AAU season has ended, Bradford has been working hard, and has refused to let his game stagnate. He has been in the gym a ton, and is hoping to see a big difference as he enter into his junior season. “I’m trying to get my shot more consistent, and I’ve been working on pick and roll situations. I’ve also been in the weight room everyday, trying to build my muscles up.” Defense is also something that Bradford takes pride in, and something that he has been working harder on as of late. “Becoming a better defensive player is also something I’ve been working on. Getting my footwork better, and playing more with my feet and body instead of my hands.”

Even though Bradford is only heading into his junior season, he is already starting to see some major college interest. So far he has only picked up two offers, but they are impressive offers to have on the table, coming from Iowa State and Louisiana Tech. Over the last week, UL has been in to see Bradford as well. “When it comes to the next level, I’m looking for a school who will push me hard everyday, and won’t sugarcoat anything. I want them to make me a better person and player everyday. Most importantly, I just want to feel at home and comfortable wherever I decide to go.”

Bradford is on pace to be a qualifier, boasting a 2.9 GPA and although he only made a 15 on the ACT, he is planning on taking it again in December.