Posted On: 10/29/18 11:55 AM

Charles Johnson put up gaudy numbers last year at Minneapolis Washburn. He transferred to Holy Angels over the summer and immediately makes that team viable once again.

Johnson, a 6-foot senior, is one of most underrated guards in the state. He put up 12 points, eight rebounds and eight assists last year against solid competition and his style of play allows him to both dominate games and blend in with any group of teammates. He’ll have a new group of teammates and even though he’s currently in the midst of the football season, he’s trying to get acclimated to the basketball team as much as he can as well.

“Every time I get a chance I’ll go shoot, I try to get into the gym as much as I can,” said Johnson. “We’ll play a little bit when we can but I’m definitely getting into the gym as much as I can. I find out more and more about these guys the more we are together, we’re close off the court so I feel like we’ll jell together once we get going. They lost a few guys but we have some good players who played last year too. Some of the JV guys that’ll be able to step into roles too. Gerstner is good because he’s been there for a few years now too.”

Normally a more natural facilitator, Johnson understands that he may need to look for his own shot a little more in his senior season.

“I’m just trying to do anything I can to get wins on the board,” said Johnson. “I’m going to have to score, whatever it takes, I think my scoring might go up a little more, facilitating, rebounding more because we don’t have a ton of size. I’ll do anything to help us win. If I need to score, I will do that.”

He’s certainly capable of scoring as his ability to get to the paint is among the best in the state. He’s not an elite outside shooter but he is solid from the mid range area and finishes in traffic extremely well. He’s aggressive pushing the tempo and on the glass. The best attribute Johnson may have is his defensive ability where he is an absolute menace. He pressures full court and has the quickness and explosiveness to contain dribble drives.

Johnson has drawn some college interest thanks to his efforts in high school and on the AAU circuit but he’s hoping to draw more this winter.

“Recruiting is going a little slow right now,” Johnson said. “Jamestown writes me a little bit, Lake Region has asked my coach with the Comets about me, Augsburg has checked in. It will hopefully go up during the season, right now it’s just about waiting and hoping I can draw some interest once the season starts.”