Omar McGann

Posted On: 10/17/18 11:00 AM

Omar McGann, a class of 2020 guard from St. Charles, will be a player to watch this year after a strong offseason. A versatile 6-foot-3 guard with a good feel for the game, McGann will have the chance to impact the game in a variety of ways this year. During a recent interview with Prep Hoops, he spoke a little about his anticipated role among other topics.

PH: For those who haven’t seen you play, how would you describe your game?

OM: “I’m more of a pass-first type guard. I try to get my teammates open a little more before I get my shot off. I really like to work around my team. I’m not really a guy who likes to iso.” 

PH: What are some of the underrated parts of your overall game?

OM: “I’m physical when it comes to grabbing rebounds. I’m not the type of guard who likes to hang on the perimeter and wait for my big to grab the rebound. I try to get in there and grab some boards.”

PH: What’s the most improved part of your overall game?

OM: “Probably my IQ. It wasn’t bad, but it gets better every day. I try to take charges, make the extra pass, and communicate.”

PH: What are you working on right now?

OM: “My ball-handling and my shot.”

PH: Who is recruiting you right now?

OM: “St. Mary’s, and Frostburg a little bit.”

PH: What is your role going to be like this year?

OM: “Facilitator.” 

PH: If I’m recruiting you at a college, what can you bring to my program?

OM: “Intensity. Play some defense. Facilitate, help others get open. Score if I need to.”