Posted On: 10/19/18 1:58 PM

Things are starting to materialize recruitment-wise for 6-foot-1 Highland senior Liki Makaui.

The point guard recently picked up his first offer, from a JuCo program, and hopes to earn some additional offers as the winter wears on.  

“It’s going really good. I attended a showcase recently and picked up an offer from Western Wyoming. I’ve been talking to Weber State and Westminster a little bit,” said Makaui.

JuCo is an option that Makaui would definitely embrace. His ultimate goal, though, is to play at a D1 school at some point.

“For sure if I have to go to a JuCo I would, just as long as the school is all paid for, for sure,” said Makaui.  

“Hopefully this upcoming season lands me some more offers.”

With the high school hoops season just a month away, Makaui is eager to showcase his newfound scoring prowess with Highland.

“I’ve become a better facilitator and a scorer,” said Makaui. “This year, we don’t have as many guys as we did last year, so I’ll have to do more of that. I’ve been working on getting shots off quicker from screens, and definitely on my mid-range.”

Although he did not play grassroots ball this past summer, he did spend plenty of his time at college camps and team camps.

“We won the Utah Team Camp, and I played pretty well. That’s the camp that showed me where my game was at, and I began to turn into a scorer,” said Makaui.

Now that he’s a senior captain, there’s no holding back.

“We definitely have a different look this year. We’re not as athletic, but we have a lot of shooting. We have a lot of young guys coming in, and we hope we can just do what we couldn’t do last year,” said Makaui.

“I have to be a leader this year and make sure sure no one is slacking off. The smallest things can hurt our team. And I need to make sure everyone gets better so we can get to where we want to go.”