Posted On: 10/1/18 4:20 PM

Jordan Lopez will be a vital component to the Palmetto High School basketball team this season.


The sharp shooting junior guard definitely flashed his stroke on the travel circuit this summer for Florida Gold Coast.


Jordan led the team in scoring at 15 points a game, four rebounds, five assists. He is one of the best shooters in Dade County,” Gold Coast director Steven Lopez said. “He has a scorer’s mentality at the two-guard position.”


Here’s everything you need to know about Lopez:


Name: Jordan Lopez


Class year: 2020


Position: shooting guard


Height: 6-foot-2


Awards/recognition: Invited to Nike Top 150 Camp in San Diego and to Brown University Elite Camp.


What the awards mean to him: The experience is anything you can ask for because it’s all the great players under one roof and just competing against them. it makes me work even harder to be the player i want to be and keep being invited to these great camps against the best of the best.


His mindset on the court: To score the basketball and create for my teammates and do anything for my team to win.


Strengths: My mid-range game and my 3-point shot. I have a Devin Booker type of game.


Areas of improvement: The things i want to work on is getting bigger in the weight room and getting stronger with my handles.


Favorite basketball memory: Playing in the adidas gauntlet this summer in front of college coaches. It made me feel like I was doing something right since I was here. i just loved playing in front of them

What he loves the most about basketball: The competitive spirit and the people you meet along the way of your journey.


How he tries to be a good teammate: Motivate them and showing support and being there in need.


Best advice from his coaches: When things don’t go your way, stay positive and be you, don’t change.


What basketball has taught him about life: Being disciplined and how to deal with the good times and bad times.


Player he looks up to: I look up to Devin Booker and Tyler Herro because the way they score and just play like themselves and the ability to move without the ball.


Colleges he’s most interested in: I’m interested in any colleges that are willing to have me.

Goals on and off the court: My goals off the court is to excel in the classroom and and to improve my 3.5 GPA. My goals on the court is to keep getting better everyday no matter what it takes and play college basketball and to win a state championship with Palmetto High School.