Posted On: 10/22/18 1:06 PM

As the season approaches rapidly, we continue our coverage what seems to be a huge list of transfers that will have impact for their new schools. We made a stop at the Park School earlier this month for Hoop Group’s Exposure tour and found one more player to keep eyes on: 2021 Jaiden Jakubowski. Jakubowski, a 5-foot-11 sharpshooter from three, will be playing for John Carroll this season after transferring from Bel Air following his freshman season.


PH: How was your spring and summer with Maryland 3D?


JJ: It was pretty good. They pushed me pretty hard. I was more aggressive looking for my shot and just improving my game every time I stepped on the court.


PH: What were some things that you felt like you improved on?


JJ: I would say my defense and my overall effort, like how hard I worked on the court.


PH: You were at Bel Air last year, tell me a little about your season.


JJ: It was pretty good. As a team we didn’t really do that well, but I feel like I pushed people on the team to become better.


PH: You transfer to John Carroll, who plays in the MIAA A Conference, what are your expectations coming into this season? Has the coaching staff gave you any inklings into what your role might be?


JJ: I expect it to be a little rough. It’s going to be a learning experience. I’m going to have to show up every day and every game. My role on the team is going to be just being hard to guard everywhere on the floor and always looking for my shot.


PH: Do you have any experience against an MIAA team? And what are some areas that you think you’ll have to improve on to adjust to the style of play?


JJ: No, I’ve never played against an MIAA team. Some things that I’ll have to improve on include stuff like getting stronger, passing and just being a play maker with the ball.


PH: What was your GPA last year?


JJ: I had a 3.8.


PH: Who is an NBA player that you study and strive to play like?


JJ: I really like Devin Booker. His ability to create and score the ball is definitely something I’d like to do.