Posted On: 10/3/18 2:00 PM

Evan Inglesby was one of the more relatively unknown players at the Prime Time Top 40 Showcase this past weekend. The all-around 6-foot-3, 177-pound swingman from Barlow High School wasn’t an original invitee to the event but earned his way into a spot after getting spotted excelling in fall league play. Inglesby didn’t disappoint himself or anyone else for that matter on Saturday, as he went all-out on the basketball floor against the elite competition that was on hand.

“It’s really humbling being here quite honestly with all these great players of all ages all throughout high school, Just getting a chance that people think I’m a great player and that I can have a chance to play here with all the best players in the state and the Northwest,” Inglesby said. I think that I’ve played pretty well. I have more aspects of my game like my defense and rebounding that I valued more than others, but you’ve got to have to be good in all parts of the game if you want to play in college.”

Inglesby was perhaps the hustle player of the camp as he was all-around the basketball on defense and constantly fighting on the boards. He’s a good athlete with a seemingly non-stop motor, and his ability to fight bigger players for rebounds he attributes to the work he put in this off-season.

“I feel like I really improved in many ways and in one was with weightlifting – I got stronger over the summer,” Inglesby said. “I hope that I can feel a difference in this next year going to the rim strong and not really getting bumped off the ball. It will also help on defense.”

As he alluded to earlier, college basketball is something Inglesby is definitely interested in doing. In addition to playing at the PT40, he competed hard for Barlow in summer ball but also got a chance to play AAU ball with Team Fly’s 16U squad. He’s gotten some early recruiting interest from Willamette and George Fox and he’s open to getting even more.

“The coaches have been texting me saying that they’re interested and they’d like to see me and follow me the next couple of years,” Inglesby said. “I’m looking for obviously somewhere that I fit academically because in a way, you only play basketball for four more years and I want my career to be top-notch in what I want to be. Also how the coaches interact with the players and if there’s a good community around the school.”

As a junior, Inglesby has time to make a impression on college coaches. Playing for one of the state’s top teams will certainly help. “We should be a really solid team this year,” Inglesby said. “Our goal is obviously to get to the Chiles Center, the Final Eight, but if we can play as a team and we have success I think we can make it to the state championship. I’d like to be First Team All-Conference again, but at the end of the day, I just want to win. As long as Barlow wins it’s a win in my book.”