Prospect Spotlight: Cole Glasgow (2022)


Posted On: 10/5/18 12:58 PM

The Class of 2022 rankings have not been released yet, but when they are, you can bet that Dallas Center-Grimes guard Cole Glasgow will be in them.

A 6-foot sharpshooter, Glasgow was one of the best young prospects at Iowa’s Top 250 Expo last month, and it was his ability to hit the long ball that was most impressive. Also, his work off the ball.

“I think my biggest strength is coming off of screens, scoring off the ball. I feel like the thing I need to work on is ball-handling and attacking the rim, so this year I’ve been working on that; ball-handling and getting past my defender. And I’ve also been working on more and more ways on how I can get open and score off the ball,” said Glasgow.

An All Iowa Attack product, Glasgow is a guy that stays busy with basketball all year round. He also works out on his own in the morning and he played summer league with Dallas Center-Grimes

“I’ll be playing varsity this year, we’re a pretty young team and we have a lot of potential. We had a lot of upcoming players that have a lot of potential,” said Glasgow. “This year, we’ll get in there and get our chemistry going and just get to know each other on the floor.”

He added: “A goal of mine (this season) is to come in and play a lot of strong defense, I think that’s important being a younger player. I need to assert myself offensively, come in and show what I can do off the ball.”