Posted On: 10/29/18 1:02 PM

New Manchester’s Benjamin Raspberry is a defensive-minded floor general, and is looking to excel this season as a junior with the Jaguars.

A 6-foot-2 point guard, Raspberry has been working to become an all-around player, but will always predicate his success on the defensive end of the floor.

“My strength is primarily on the defensive end, and after that, it’s really just being an all-around guard and getting my team involved,” said Raspberry. “Also, I can score naturally on the floor.”

This spring and summer, Raspberry honed his skills while playing with Georgia Knights 16U and Big Shots Elite 16U.

“My role with both teams was to play defense, and just to be a floor general. I like to cut off the head off the snake is what I say, just try and dominate defensively,” said Raspberry. “But at the same time, to have a certain impact offensively and scoring when I can.”

Now, he’s just a month removed from the start of his junior season at New Manchester. Last year he played JV and got some varsity minutes; he’s looking to make a big impact with the varsity this winter.

“The outlook for the team is to have a killer, defensive mentality,” said Raspberry. “We have great potential to have a great team this year. And I think I could be able to help everybody’s play on the court.”

Currently, Raspberry has no recruitment coming his way. That could change dramatically by this time next season for Georgia’s 60th-ranked 2020.

“I am putting myself out there trying to get all the best opportunities,” said Raspberry. “And looking for not only a great opportunity with my education, but also a coach that gives me an opportunity to play with them and that loves my style of play.”