Posted On: 10/2/18 8:19 AM

As we have mentioned throughout the past week, 2021 Devin Ceaser was one of the top players at the MD/DC Top 250 Exposure Camp. He was impressive during each game he played during the day and should provide St. Mary’s Ryken a lot of excitement this upcoming season. He loves to play up tempo, he showed that he can get to the basket with ease, he displayed good shooting and looked to really be into playing defense. We were able to catch up with him on a few things.

Ceaser is coming off a good summer with DC Premier“Well this summer I played with DC Premier. We had a great run up and down the east coast. We won one of the tournaments we played in during July and the rest we finished second or were just close runner ups.”

Ceaser was eager to participate in the MD/DC Top 250 because he believes he has received a ranking that is too low, “I am trying to move my ranking up from 45th and I just want to get more and more exposure.”

With the fall starting up, he and his Ryken teammates have been able to get in the gym often for some open gyms and he explained with us how that has been like, ““We have been having a lot of D1’s and D2’s coming in to watch us work out so it is going good.”

He is hoping that these early fall practices will help lead his team to their ultimate goal this season, “My goal is to start, make it to the playoffs in the WCAC and just win.”

Recruitment is just kind of beginning for him but his coaches are already getting some positive feedback about him, ““My coach is telling me that I have a lot of division two schools looking at me but I am too young right now so I guess they can’t really talk to me.”