Posted On: 10/17/18 6:02 PM

Gary Robertson, NTSI Orlando

The smooth 5-foot-9 Class of 2019 prospect brings swagger and high energy to the court. He’s very crafty in terms of creating his own shot off the dribble and taking guys in one on one fashion. He’s improved as a quality knockdown shooter, an aspect of his game he honed during the Memphis Battlegrounds tournament this off-season.

Robertson, who is from D.C. originally, also has on-court awareness and understands how to play unselfish basketball and create. He has the potential to be a combination guard at the next level. Because of his size, he would be more valued at the Division-II market. With his poise and never rattled mindset, he’s got the tools to make an immediate impact and sustain it through a memorable four year career. He’s never been hesitant as a scorer.

Jose Amat II, Westwood Christian

Having grown nearly half a foot and packed some muscle onto a spindly frame, the no longer diminutive but promising point guard has added credibility to the advanced skill set he’s possessed for a while now. The Class of 2022 prospect is a pure point guard who sees the floor well and is capable of playmaking and delivering the right pass. He’s gotten more confident with his perimeter shooting and has developed a real knack for scoring the ball. He’s adept at reading the gaps and attacking, an aspect of his game which has developed with time. Expect him to step into a bigger role this season, one which will entail him seizing the leadership reins as a dish first facilitator who looks to get everyone involved.

Javoris Rolle, Westwood Christian

With his nifty handle and knack for putting the ball on the deck and creating, the Class of 2020 prospect has evolved into a true point forward. He’s developed his niche as a guy who initiates offense and can kick in that extra pass. He’s also become more reliable as an attacker, a guy who can get into the teeth of the defense and finish through contact.

With his handle, shiftiness, and gear-changing ability, Rolle has the ability to consistently keep defenders on their toes and really elicit matchup headaches. He’s got speed and open court finishing ability working in his favor, as he continues to pose a threat for defenders with his versatility. Having lost 15 pounds and tuned up his body, he has renewed his focus as a multi-dimensional forward who accepts responsibility.

Mervin James, Red Devils Academy (Orlando)

The 6-foot-7 Class of 2019 prospect was originally committed to Canisius. With an additional year to develop, the high motored and versatile forward will have the opportunity to really bolster his stock on the mid major market and potentially garner some high major offers. James’ guard caliber skill set and ability to fill up nearly every connotation of the stat sheet are perhaps the most intriguing components of his game. He had several 20+ points and 10+ boards performances this past season.

Nsude Childera, The Nation Christian Academy

The 7-foot sophomore has a wow factor in his footwork and ability to take bigs away from the rim with his set shot. He’s still raw and learning the niceties of the big man role in the American game while grasping the nuances of organized basketball. With his engine and his soft touch, there is already the potential to be a sought after product on the Division-I recruiting market.

With his manchild build, he’s got the upside and intimidating qualities. More of a sample size will translate in more of an idea of how transferable his skill set is to the next level. He’s got the quick learning style and attention to detail to be an immediate impact guy in scoring hustle points, hauling rebounds, and blocking/altering the trajectory of shots.

Gerald Jarmon, SCS

The 5-foot-10 guard has a swagger and a know-how in his offensive game. He’s well versed in how to break down a defense and attack the gaps offensively. With his handle and the way he sees the floor, he’s able to operate offense and really serve as a facilitator who sparks the high low game. His shot has been consistent and he knows how to set it up via manipulative moves such as a stepback and an active pull-up.

The want and desire is there in Jarmon, who has a hyper competitive style and isn’t afraid to produce while engaging in a good old fashioned war of words on the court. He possesses a high grade point average and has already earned interest from some IVY League and Patriot league programs. By entertaining a national schedule as a re-classified 2020 prospect, the high-scoring guard has the opportunity to increase his stock significantly this season.