Posted On: 10/2/18 7:00 AM

The Prime Time Top 40 Showcase took place this past Saturday and it’s time to take a look at how each participant performed. After some skill work, the players were split into four teams who played three games each.

Here’s a look at how the members of Team 1 performed (listed in order of their uniform number):

Jaden Nielsen-Skinner, South Salem (2019)

As noted in our Top Performers list, the general consensus was that the Portland State commit was the best player in the gym at the Prime Time Top 40 Showcase – and this was among the players as well as those in attendance. One of Team 1’s games went to double overtime, and for the last possession of regulation and each overtime, it was Skinny who they cleared out for to create. The measure of respect they had for the 5-foot-10 senior was quite evident.

Rayven Turner, Jefferson (2021)

Turner was injured during June ball but got his bearings in AAU play in July and showed some good athleticism and motor at the event. He created off the dribble, scored near the basket, and also hit a couple of mid-range jumpers.

Darius Gakwasi, Central Catholic (2021)

Gakwasi is best when he has the opportunity to handle the ball, but with other capable ball-handlers on the team he wasn’t able to showcase that skill. He did however show a pretty nice outside shot, canning a couple of threes.

Jesse White, Barlow (2020)

Playing alongside Nielsen-Skinner, White largely played off the ball. He struggled with his shot early but hit a flurry of baskets in the team’s last game of the event and ended up leading the squad in scoring in that contest.

Brock Henry, Southridge (2019)

Henry didn’t get many touches but was able to score on some athletic drives to the basket, as well as hit a couple of rainbow jumpers from the perimeter.

Trevon Richmond, Jefferson (2019)

Richmond wasn’t connecting on his perimeter shot, but as usual, contributed in other ways with his handle, ball-hawking defense, and in general being around the rock whenver he was in the game.

Kaden Perry, Battle Ground (2021)

Perry knows where his strengths lie – in the post – and that’s where he camped out and fought hard for position. He didn’t get many touches but when he did, he made the most out of them with a few buckets.

Ty Rankin, Grant (2019)

Rankin didn’t shoot too much, but when he did he was able to sink some perimeter jumpers. He was able to hustle for boards, showcase a bit of his slick handle, and in general played good team basketball.

Isaiah Amato, Central Catholic (2020)

Amato is a good athlete with size for a point guard and he certainly ran the floor well, but didn’t get many opportunities to handle the ball much less shoot it.

Kyle Gruhler, Skyview (2020)

Gruhler has good size for a shooting guard and was one of the top shooters at the event. In one game, he sank a trio of trees with a couple of them with a hand in his face.

Kamron Robinson, Jefferson (2021)

The biggest thing with Robinson is that it appears he has lost quite a bit of weight, so his overally mobility was improved. Post players usually don’t get many touches in these types of events but Robinson was able to post up a number of times. His shot was a bit off but as arguably the event’s top rebounder, he was able to tap the ball to himself or others several times on the offensive boards.

Justin Scoggins, West Salem (2020)

Scoggin is another shooter who seemed to prefer taking them off of the dribble. He didn’t get many opportunities but was able to sink a couple of jumpers.