Preview: Impact Player Watch List (2022)

High School

Posted On: 10/22/18 9:57 AM

The talent level for young basketball prospects in Wichita continues to be strong as it appears the hard work of youth coaches is beginning to pay dividends.

Let’s take a look at five 2022 prospects who will be making an impact on their high school programs.

Gradey Dick– Collegiate HS

Gradey is a very well-known player for the class of 2022 as he played in the Jr. NBA World Championship this summer which got him a lot of press around the area.

The 6’5’’ guard is extremely versatile on the court as he moves well, is a high level shooter, and has a good feel for the game allowing him to put points up in a hurry.

The incoming freshman at Collegiate is sure to get varsity minutes and arguably is the top 2022 prospect in the state thus far.

Amari Thomas- Derby HS

Amari is a prospect that you don’t see very often. At his age he not only excels on the low block but he enjoys playing down there, which is increasingly rare given the trajectory of the game of basketball at the professional level.

Not knowing how tall he will grow, at about 6’3’’ right now Amari has good hands, mobility, and can step out and shoot the ball when needed as well.

Inside is where he separates himself, great footwork down low and he knows how to use his body accordingly to get open shots.

Amari has the potential to be a big time player over his high school career.

Quincy Gholar- Wichita East HS

Quincy is a 6’0’’ guard with great feel for the game and scoring ability as he can hurt you multiple ways.

Being able to see the court well, he makes sound decisions in transition and in the half court can really punish an opposing team with his ability to shoot.

Look for him to continue to develop quickly at East and start to make a name for himself as an underclassman.

Trent Parke- Derby HS

Another standout freshman playing down in Derby, Trent has a low-key demeanor which sometimes means he can be overlooked but he consistently competes when he’s on the court.

The guard has good quickness which allows him to get into the lane often, understands how to use his body when playing, and has a good feel for the game.

Fontaine Williams- Wichita East HS

Fontaine is another young prospect with upside that I was able to see this summer as the Kansas Players had a lot of success.

He showed off his quickness and scoring ability in flashes and really got after the ball handler with pressure, forcing the opposition into turnovers.

With good size for a 2022 guard already and most likely still growing (14 years old with long arms), Fontaine should continue to build skill on top of his tenacity and be a solid player for Wichita East.