Arizona 6A

Posted On: 10/8/18 8:00 AM

Preseason is just about over, with many teams starting try-outs within the next few weeks. Players have been staying busy with showcases and workouts with their trainers and/or high schools. These are the top players that I have seen throughout this preseason.

Trent Hudgens (Moon Valley 2020):

I saw Trent Hudgens absolutely light it up at the TR3 Hoops Summit, he made an immediate impression on me and I really liked him game. Trent may be one of the best shooters in the entire state, let alone the Class of 2020. What I thought was impressive was the fact that he was guarded by Tay Boothman for the vast majority of those games and still scored at such a high rate. 

Josh Ursery (Liberty 2019): 

Josh Ursery scored 35 points and was named the Camp MVP at the All-West Showcase. Ursery has continued to work on his game this off-season and I fully expect him to continue to have huge games like this in this upcoming season.

JT Elder (Cienega 2021):

JT Elder was also a Camp MVP, winning this title at our Prep Hoops Top 250 Showcase. He was extremely impressive the entire day. Each player played in four games plus the all-star game and his quality never dipped in the slightest. Elder is a player that I have full confidence in to become a high level D-1 player. 

Otis Frazier (Buckeye 2019):

Otis Frazier also played at the TR3 Hoops Summit and also looked impressive. Otis has always been a tremendous athlete but he has really improved as a shooter. He dropped a couple of 20+ point games in the event. As he continues to improve his shot, he will see his stock rise higher and higher. 

Jeron Artest (Hillcrest Prep 2020):

Jeron Artest is a player that I have gotten a chance to see workout up close and personal. He really impressed me with his work ethic and knowledge of the game. Furthermore, he looked very impressive in Compton Magic’s The League Showcase by Adidas and the All-West Showcase.