PrepHoopsTN Combine Recaps: Part IX


Posted On: 10/3/18 4:20 PM


Strong, quick, and smooth.  The three guards included in Part IX each present their own set of problems.  Of the three Montre Boddie is the most dangerous and the most disruptive.  The senior West Creek High School guard is one of many seniors on this season’s ambitious West Creek team.  Boddie earned his way onto the Top 20 All-Star Game roster. 

Kel’Vean Smith is a physically imposing guard with scoring instincts.  In the halfcourt Smith has the body and continues to develop the mindset to bang among the trees.  He is still opening his eyes to all of the passing lanes he can use.  

Will Pruitt is a classic pass-first point guard.  Though his outside shot is very reliable Pruitt glides around the hardwood looking to create and expose defenses.  Pruitt has nice height and wonderful court vision.  He should be able to find his way onto a college basketball roster.  This season he will start as a junior for Mt. Juliet High School.


Kel’Vean Smith 2020 Calvary Christian Point Guard

Stocky, strong Kel’Vean Smith showed a great frame at the combine.  His feet are a little heavier than they need to be.  In order to defend the position he has to improve his lateral mobility and overall lightness on his feet.  Smith’s strength is an asset.  He has the shoulders and power to endure a bump in the lane or even fend off defenders on the dribble.

  Watch him go through a drill here (0:15-0:22):

Competing with East TN Kings AAU, Kel’Vean Smith lined up with his current high school teammate Ladarius Chigano. They attended the Fall Combine together.

Their growth before, during, and after the combine will be interesting to monitor.  Calvary Christian is building something special and both Smith and Chigano are important cornerstones of that build.


Montre Boddie 2019 West Creek Point Guard

Montre is a terror in the open floor.  At 5-foot-6, Boddie is an undersized guard in every since of the word.  Still, he slips past defenders with explosive legs. The change of direction on Montre Boddie is elite for high school guards.  He also measured a 36″ vertical leap (one-step vert) Sunday, which was one of the highest of the event. 

Boddie is an acquired taste for coaches.  At first glance it is hard to imagine he can have an impact on the game, but with his speed and handle defenders really, really struggle to keep him away from the lane.

Observe Boddie in a quick drill (1:26-1:31).

With his low center of gravity Montre Boddie easily breaks fullcourt traps.  His finishing in the lane is surprisingly efficient, thanks in large part to his body control in the air and the incredible vertical explosion.  In four viewings of Boddie I have never seen him take an outside shot.  

Entering his senior season Boddie is ranked #173 in the Class of 2019 rankings. Unlike most young guards Boddie knows what his strengths are and plays to his strengths exceptionally well.

Will Pruitt 2020 Mt. Juliet Point Guard

  Fluid.  Smooth.  Calculated.  WIll Pruitt moves around the court with so much calm and ease.  His one limitation is explosion vertically, but Pruitt compensates for that with diabolical angles and poise.  Everything he does is purposeful.  No wasted motion.  Transitions from elements of movement are limited and decisions are already made before his body arrives at that breaking point.

Will Pruitt is in the same video above (0:22-0:26).  Check out his seamless motion through the drill.  The body is very slick but steady, fluid.

Before the event Will was ranked #112 in the PrepHoopsTN state rankings.  

Will Pruitt measured 6-foot-2 in shoes and weighed just under 173 pounds.  The guard generally distributed all day, but in the few instances he got open looks from deep he buried them.  Players who knew him mentioned that he is a really strong shooter too.  In this setting, especially 5-on-5, he tended to pass first and generate offense with his ability to spread the wealth.