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Muscle definition tends to separate high school players from starters.  Sure there are slender, underdeveloped high school starters, but many physically invested players commit in the weight room too. 

Josh Livingston (2019), the most powerful guard in Blackman’s gym for the Fall Combine, is emblematic of the strength required to dominate beyond high school.  Livingston is strong and dynamic in the air.

Julius Rhodes (2022) gives the stacked Blackman basketball program yet another developing guard. Shooting touch and slippery slashing are Rhodes’ foundations.

Matthew Sells (2021) is so deeply skilled that his blossoming strength is currently an afterthought.  As he adds pounds to his frame his already advanced game will elevate even more. 

Julius Rhodes 2022 Blackman Wing

Young Julius recently entered his freshman academic year with Blackman High.  Rhodes measures 5-foot-8+ in shoes.  

There is growth to be had.  Rhodes’ wingspan is +3 indicating he has good length at his current size. 

The slight guard has average sprint speed for a varsity high school player.  Since he is two-three years younger than most varsity bball players young Julius projects to be faster than most guards eventually.

Rhodes weighs just 135 pounds.  He can get off the floor very well, posting a 30″ one-step vertical.

Josh Livingston 2019 Dyer County Wing

Dyer County’s five players all made an impact at the inaugural PrepHoopsTN Fall Combine. Josh stamped his brand on the event with wonderful power and toughness. The 5-foot-9 guard played above the heads of taller defenders most of the Sunday afternoon. He can play on the ball, but only a sprinkling of players operated as point guards. With only seven 5-on-5 teams only seven players adopted the role of floor general. Livingston, like Todd Lark II, can get away with playing high school wing in patches because he bounces like a pogo stick.

Livingston’s one-step vertical was measured at 30″. Though Livingston’s standing reach is 93″ he can touch a little higher than the rim on the hop.

The lefty does well to get defenders on his hip with a quick first step.  Once Josh has the defender leaning against him, he smartly uses his strong shoulders fending off the reacher.

Livingston weighed 192.4 pounds.  Nobody else in attendance featured a more frightening body.  Few made better use of their body while attacking.

Matthew Sells 2021 Livingston Academy Wing 




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