PrepHoopsTN / Above the Rim Gym Fall Combine Recap: Part XVI


Posted On: 10/11/18 1:21 AM


Between the two players in this article much development is on the horizon.  Both LaDarrius Chigano and Kenny Allgood feature some tantalizing assets and some raw, unrefined skills.  

LaDarrius Chigano (2020) is a player to watch.  He is a true 6-foot-6+ forward with some raw skills worth refining.  A member of the East TN Kings AAU team and now enrolled with Calvary Christian, LaDarrius is an interesting prospect already drawing NAIA attention.

Kenny Allgood (2022) is a catch-and-shoot guy looking to expand his range out to 20′.  With consistent energy Kenny is always a thorn in the side of rebounders.  He moves very well off the ball and will make an impact in each and every practice.  Beyond showcasing his own skills Kenny Allgood is the type of player that makes lazy teammates look bad.  Put another way, his style of play forces teammates to try harder.

Kenny Allgood 2022 Siegel Wing

The Class of 2022 was underrepresented at the fall combine…intentionally.  Few 2022 prospects can be expected to hang with seniors and juniors in an individual competition. 

Though slight of frame Kenny Allgood (139 pounds) fit in well.  The Siegel freshman understands floor spacing and changes the point of attack swiftly.

“Kenny is a quick, good mid-range shooter with high energy,” said Above the Rim Gym Founder Coach George Gibson. 

A couple instructors agreed that Kenny’s motor is a plus.

“He needs to develop a reliable three-point jumper,” said Coach Gibson.”

With shoes, as he enters his freshman season Kenny Allgood stands 5-foot-9 without shoes (5-foot-10+ with).  Likely Kenny will wind up as a guard or wing prospect.  Shooting is very important to his future. 

Considering the dependable nature of his mid-range Kenny can expand his range as he naturally physically matures. 

Coach Gibson called him “fearless.”

Intangibles are important with young athletes and Kenny’s are encouraging and project well deep into his career. 

LaDarrius Chigano 2020 Calvary Christian Power Forward

Standing 6-foot-7 1/2 with shoes Chigano towered over most of the combine compatriots.  His muscular physique instantly checks the box for college prospect size.

The questions surrounding his game are skill related.  Can he develop reliable post moves in the next two years?  Will he be able to pump fake with conviction?

LaDarrius is very, very raw on the low blocks despite having a welcoming spirit.  He welcomes instruction and picks up new details fast. 

His focus in the coming year plus has to be adopting halfcourt moves and dominating the offensive glass. 

At the combine LaDarrius recorded a 28.5″ one-step vertical.  At his height he should be plucking down half of the defensive rebounds every night with that kind of leaping.

Also, Chigano’s hands were measured the biggest by a substantial amount.  From palm to fingertip his hand length was 8 3/4″ and 5 inches handspan. 

Chigano has already put in the hard work of creating a prospective basketball frame.  The skillwork must follow now.