Posted On: 10/8/18 5:18 PM


Of the 70 players to attend the Above the Rim Gym/ PrepHoopsTN Fall Combine many, MANY were point guards or wing guards.  Tony Farrar was one of the best.  The Hamilton Heights Christian Academy (HHCA) backup point guard thrived in the combine, the drills portion, and the open floor fullcourt games.

Two point guards and one powerful big man populate this recap article.  Tony Farrar (2021) and Justin Sharp (2021) competed against and with the dozens of point guard campers.  Both Tony and Justin were quick and problem-inducing attackers from all points on the court.  

Brandon Solis gave the combine a rare old school big man style.  He has a lot of wrinkles to iron out, but there are hint of a promising basktball future embedded in Brandon’s game.  

Justin Sharp 2021 South Gibson County Point Guard

Justin was one of the quicker players in attendance.  The point guard kept the basketball close while slicing up defenses.  His comfort on the basketball belied his young age.  

In open floor five-v-five, Justin Sharp moved his feet constantly.  A big theme for me was movement away from the basketball and this was exactly what Justin did.  When he wasn’t the point guard on his team, or more specifically the player receiving the inbound pass, Justin hurried up the floor and presented problems with his feet.  

Standing 5-foot-8+ in shoes Justin will forever be tasked with using quick feet on attack.  To succeed as a shorter guard, of which Justin is currently as a young sophomore playing varsity minutes, Justin has to be more active than the taller defenders.  He has to make them move their clumsy feet and then exploit their slowness relative to his dangerous quicks.

Justin has a good, strong chest that he should use even more to deter attackers from driving.  He has a strong base and plays with purpose offensively.  The defensive side varies between intense and passable.  It takes a lot more mental focus to be locked in defensively, but Justin can do it going forward.



Brandon Solis 2021 Shelbyville, TN Forward

Big Brandon stands 6-foot-6 with shoes on (6-foot-5 w/o) and weighs 190 pounds. His game is very raw. Like many young bigs Brandon is still finding physical maturity in his larger frame. Young guards grow into their body quicker and generally look more athletic in their early high school years. Bigs come along on their own time frame.

Basketball tasks Brandon can comfortably accomplish at this early stage of his development are setting high screens, tracking down the basketball off the defensive rim, and free throw shooting.  

Brandon is still learning the intricacies of the game. Often, when left to his own instincts, Brandon will float to a corner or wing when he is best served as a free throw line to low block guy. 

Footwork is an area Brandon can improve.  His willingness to learn is very good and when given instructions Brandon Solis is extremely coachable. 

It will take natural physical maturity and just time in the gym for Brandon to reach his highest potential. 


Tony Farrar 2021 Hamilton Heights Christian Academy Point Guard

Chattanooga-based point guard Tony Farrar measured 5-foot-10 in shoes Sunday. 

Farrar’s greatest skills are court vision, footwork, and passing execution.

Unlike most guards in Tennessee, Tony Farrar practices with 6-foot-9 and 6-foot-10 big men.  Farrar can throw a lob like a pro.  He can find the long, waiting arms of bigs expertly. 

Within the Fall Combine settings passing windows were smaller and less welcoming.  Still, Tony found the seam.  

Tony Farrar likes to involve his teammates and thrives off forcing defenses to crumble.

Sophomore guard Farrar has 8″ long hands with 5″ wide hands (handspan).  His wingspan measured 74″, which makes his wingspan +4 compared to his height.

In a sport where height and length matter more than other sports long arms are considered an asset.

Tony Farrar hopes to be the Hamilton Heights Christian Academy starting point guard next fall.  With three seasons left in his high school career Tony is already very advanced.  His skills are ahead of the pack and few basketball programs present a better daily challenge than HHCA. 

Tony is a guy to be wary of.  His speed and large steps are difficult to contain.