Posted On: 10/29/18 12:00 PM

PrepHoopsIllinois attended the Prep U Showcase on Sunday night at Waukegan Fieldhouse.  This was a great showcase event where prospects learned about the recruiting process, what college coaches are looking for, and then were able to display their skills on the court.  Here are our evaluations from the event!


PG JR Cison (Lake Zurich – 2019)

Cison was absolutely on fire with his mid-range game Sunday.  That is his favorite area to work and he schooled his opponents hitting shot after shot.  Stops and pops on a dime and is always balanced with height off the floor.  Also got to the hoop a few times including an athletic up and under.  Crisp passer that makes others around him better.  Remains a super sleeper that schools are missing the boat on.


SG Drake Montgomery (South Elgin – 2019)

Montgomery definitely put himself on our map with his play at the Prep U event.  The 6’3” wing from South Elgin excels in transition.  The majority of his points came in the open floor where he was able to get to the rim and finish with excellent body control.  Rebounds well from his wing position.  Like the high energy that he brought to the table.


SF Jonathan Kolev (Conant – 2019)

Kolev has struggled with injuries in the past and this was our first extended evaluation of him.  He played well.  Good size at 6’5”.  Skilled wing that has a passing feel.  Runs the floor hard.  Was best driving to the hoop, but did throw in a corner three.  Can also post up weaker defenders which he did on a high/low finish.


SG Trace Williams (Homewood Flossmoor – 2019)

Williams impressed a week ago at the Spartz Showcase and did so again at the Prep U Showcase.  At 6’1” he is a little small for a shooting guard so will need to show some combo guard skills during the high school season, but there is a lot to like here.  Sound perimeter shooter especially off the catch from three.  Proved to be a willing passer.  Tough on ball defender that made his opponents work for their points.


PG Sentwali Nalls (Neuqua Valley – 2019)

Nalls is a point guard that should be an impact transfer this season for Neuqua Valley after making the move from Whitney Young.  The quick and shifty lead guard makes plays in tight spaces.  Speed in the open floor.  Pressures the ball at the point of attack on the defensive end of the floor.


PG Eric Cannon (Waubonsie Valley – 2019)

Cannon is a compact and strong lead guard that is just rock solid.  Doesn’t make mistakes and plays the game under control.  Improved greatly as a shooter especially from 15-18 feet where he connected on some shots.  Makes sound decisions with the ball and never gets rushed.


SF Jabari Chiphe (Walter Payton – 2020)

Chiphe stands at 6’4” on the perimeter with big time athleticism.  He shined in the drill portion early with his explosion above the rim and getting back on D to block or contest shots.  The two areas he stood out the most were with his passing and jumper.  Best I have seen him pass it.  Made consistent quality dishes in the half court that led to buckets.  Also his jumper started off slow in the drills, but once the games started he was straight money especially pulling up from mid-range.  Stock continues to rise!


SF Jayden Johnson (Batavia – 2020)

Johnson is a top 10 prospect in the junior class.  He displayed why at the Prep U Showcase.  The 6’6” wing has strength, but has also trimmed down his body fat which has helped with his athleticism.  Elite shooter showing that off by bombing in four triples from deep in a couple minute stretch!  Also mixed in a runner and a couple dunks.  Great leader and teammate as well.


SG Christopher Cross (Urbana – 2020)

This was our first look at this 6’2” shooting guard from Central Illinois.  Thick bodied left handed wing that has a sweet looking jump shot.  Crafty layup maker in the lane and got on the offensive glass for put backs.  Rebounds well for a guard.  Length helps out there and on defense.  Not a big time athlete, but he knows how to play the game and emerged at the Prep U Showcase.


PG Luke Scheffers (St. Charles North – 2020)

Scheffers is a 6’1” point guard from St. Charles North that is a pleasure to watch play the game.  He loves the game of basketball and that is evident every time he is on the floor.  Pushes the ball in the open floor always having his head up to make the correct pass to a teammate.  Lights out perimeter shooter!  He makes it look effortless with the way he connects from three.  Shot it super consistent throughout the night. 


F Cam Doughtery (Naperville Central – 2020)

This 6’6” combo forward has a thick lower half and displayed a quality game.  Flashed during the spring and summer with ET21 Buckeyes, but this was the first time we had seen him put it all together.  Plays really hard.  Liked what he showed as a passer with his feel especially in the half court making quick decisions with the ball.  Did a nice job attacking off the dribble in both the half court and transition.  Coast to coast take one on play, finished with a euro step on another, and hammered home a big slam! 


C Michael Huene (St. Viator – 2020)

This 6’8” center from St. Viator has come such a long way over the last year!  The first time we saw him he struggled with coordination, but you could see the potential was there.  The body control, athleticism, and skill have improved so much.  Runs the floor really hard.  In the post he has a knack for catching tough passes around defenders and finishing with a soft touch.  Even starting to work in a mid-range jumper.  Good area rebounder.


SG Uchenna Egekeze (Huntley – 2020)

Egekeze is a versatile two guard that is just a solid all-around player.   Couple slippery drives through traffic and hit a three off the catch.  Like what he brings to the table defensively with his long arms, lateral quickness, and anticipation.  Great team first player that does all the little things to help get a win.


SF Alex Williams (Geneva – 2020)

Williams stands at 6’6” showing sneaky athleticism.  Soft touch finishing well around the hoop.  Got on the glass.  Nose for the basketball.  Decent ball handler.


PG Zachary Kusper (Sandburg – 2020)

Kusper stands at 5’8” from Carl Sandburg High School.  Vocal leader on the floor that talks.  Shot it decent especially off the catch. 


SG Billy Durkin (Hinsdale South – 2020)

At 6’2” this junior has some length and a thin body.  Crisp passer that made several dishes right on the money.  Shows potential as a shooter connecting on a deep three. 


SG Yemi Elutilo (Marian Catholic – 2020)

This two guard presents good size at 6’4”.  Passed it well especially in transition.  Like his potential on the defensive end with his length and how he is aggressive going after steals.


SF John Poulakidas (Neuqua Valley – 2021)

Poulakidas was one of the highest ranked guys in the gym as he already holds multiple D1 offers heading into his sophomore season.  At 6’5” this wing has long arms and a projectable frame.  He showcased what he does best which is being one of the best snipers in the state.  Drilled threes off the catch over and over and over.  Picture perfect mechanics.  Also finished well on some drives and junk points around the hoop.  Handles well in the open floor.  Continues to see stock rise over last six months.


SF Jalen Butler (Niles North – 2021)

This event was the best that I had seen this Niles North 6’6” small forward.  The junior is a physically mature wing that has strength.  He is a solid athlete that rebounds well from his wing position.  What I was most impressed with was how he shot it.  Was very consistent knocking down mid-range jump shots all night long.  Biggest thing with him is consistency from game to game.  Sunday night was a promising sign heading into the high school season where he will have to be one of the main guys.


PF Walt Mattingly (Deerfield – 2021)

This might have been the biggest breakout player of the Prep U Showcase.  At 6’6” this transfer from Kentucky displayed a lot of intriguing tools.  Good size, long arms, and projectability to both add strength as well as continue to grow vertically.  In the paint he displayed touch around the rim along with a strong right handed hook shot.  Could face up and handle it too with several sweet takes from the high-post area.  Handles very well for his size.  Crashed the glass on both ends of the floor.  A lot of potential here as a skilled four man!


PG Trey Baker (Stevenson – 2021)

Baker is a 5’8” smaller guard that was best shooting it from three.  Drilled a half dozen or so from behind the arc.  Mixed in a floater game on occasion.  Plays hard.  Would like to see him take the next step as a passer and lead guard at his size.


PG Jayce Hyland (Downers Grove North – 2021)

Hyland continued his strong fall at the Prep U event.  This lead guard brings athleticism to the table and the ability to get in the lane.  Most of his scoring was done on quick drives off the bounce where he converted in the paint.  Rebounds well for his size at 6’0”.


G Cole Patrick (Warren – 2021)

This Warren 5’11” combo guard has a thick body.  Tough kid that played hard.  Not overly projectable.  Seemed to hang out too much on the perimeter trying to shoot threes and didn’t make them when we were watching.


SG Nasir Young (North Chicago – 2022)

Young is a 2022 shooting guard who stands at 6’3” already coming into high school.  Raw strength.  Finishes well.  Bit of a long release on his shot, but did connect on a couple pull ups.  One to continue to track.


PG Andre Illidige (Carmel – 2022)

This tiny 5’4” Carmel guard might be a bit over looked initially because of his size, but he has some game.  The lefty has speed in the transition game pushing it.  Lefty hit a few pull ups with a long release that will have to get sped up as time goes on.


PG Kyle Mueller (Warren – 2022)

At 5’7” this point guard is a freshman that displayed a quality passing feel.  Got others involved with crisp and on the money dishes.  Shoots a set shot.


G Bobby Durkin (Hinsdale South – 2022)

Durkin is a 5’11” guard that proved to be a decent spot up shooter at the camp.