Posted On: 10/8/18 4:13 PM

Week Three of the Expo included some of the nation’s best players including Jonathan Kuminga who competed at the Georgia.  Who else was a national standout? Prep Hoops gives it to you now!


Braelee Albert of California (2019). Albert dealt with an injury this summer which took away from his recruitment but at the Top 250 Expo we saw an explosive finisher who dominated the glass and did what he needed to. Latest D1 to come in was Dartmouth and more are likely on the way.

Devin Evans of Georgia (2019). Evans has big time potential as a defender that can guard several spots. Versatile kid hearing from USC-Upstate, Arkansas-Little Rock, and others putting in the effort as are D2 schools. A real sleeper out there.

Larry Canady of Wisconsin (2019). Larry is one of the best attacking scorers in the upper Midwest. His ability to attack to the cup and score, attack and pull up to score, and ability to attack contact and score through it, all of this was seen again.

Elvin Edmonds

Elvin Edmonds of Virginia (2021). Elvin continues to look like one of the best shooters in the 2021 class. Anywhere. Edmonds is also an aggressive minded attack guard and with that ability Elvin was recently on a visit to Virginia.

Chris Grubbs of Indiana (2020). One of the top wings in the state of Indiana is also one of the most impressive finishers in the state. Versatile player that rebounds well and can play away from the cup.

PJ Hall of South Carolina (2020). Skilled and agile big approaching double figure high major offers, PJ Hall is becoming one of the top names in the country at his position. His timing around the cup to board, contest, and finish are such a high level.

DJ Hughes of Indiana (2021). Skilled, strong, and competing with edge, it’s easy to see why the Big Ten is making a strong effort for Hughes already. Hughes just has an toughness to him as a 6-foot-7 wing that many don’t compete with.

Naseem Khaalid of South Carolina (2020). Committed to Florida State, Nasseem’s feel as a PG is special. Everything about his game is pure. Guys love playing with him because Naseem makes the job of everybody easier. Want a high percentage shot? Play with Nasseem.

Jonathan Kuminga of Georgia (2021). At the Expo Kuminga showcased an array of talent that you just don’t see. The handles and touch at his size are special not to mention his length and agility led to high percentage finishing for about four straight hours. Special talent.

Ahmir Langlais of Georgia (2019). A 6-foot-8 power forward who faced up and then put a shoulder into guys before scoring balanced touch buckets. Put together a nice offer list over the past 24 months and showcased why at the Expo.


Toneari Lane of Georgia (2020). A strong, physical wing that defends with passion and going at the rim Lane puts up high percentage results. Offers from Auburn and Ole Miss plus interest from Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Tennessee, and Xavier. Recently visited Ohio State and Georgia.

Bryce McGowens of South Carolina (2021). Flew up and down the Expo courts for transition production with tear drops, finishes, and creations. Had a great Expo and then 24 hours later Bryce was honored with a St. John’s offer.

Cameron Palesse of Wisconsin (2021). Competitor. That’s Cameron. Found ways to put constant points on the board and his high level motor is nearly unmatched. Young player – one of the top Wisconsin sophomores – that competes like a veteran.

Myles Tate of South Carolina (2020). There are guys that you simply count on regardless of the environment to bring consistent toughness and production and Myles is one of those games. South Carolina and USF out ahead offering Tate.