Posted On: 10/13/18 10:08 PM

The inaugural Prep Hoops Sweet 16 was a success! We had some great teams/players competing, resulting in some very entertaining games. Here are the top wings from the event: 

Kyree Walker (Hillcrest Prep 2020):

Kyree Walker ran a lot of forward for Hillcrest, which lands him on this list rather than the Top Guards list. Kyree played like typical Kyree, a lot of energy, a lot of passion, and a lot of points. He locked up very well defensively, using his size and quickness, and got a lot of break out dunks. Walker is very impressive every time I see him play. He is able to pull off some high caliber moves with absolute ease. 

Emmanuel Taban (Apollo 2019):

Taban looked very solid all weekend, leading Apollo to the Championship. He did not attack the basket very often, but he shot the lights out. He looked very solid defensively and punished defenders for sagging off of him. Taban has some of the most raw potential I have seen in a prospect. 

Dominic Gonzalez (Ironwood 2020):

Dominic Gonzalez is typically considered a guard, but he does play the 3 for Ironwood. What is great about Gonzalez is that he has the size of a wing, but all of the skills of a guard. Gonzalez is an excellent three point shooter, who can get hot at any second. He is also a very good defender, using his intelligence and communication rather than athleticism to lock up opponents. 

Keaton Rodgers (Sandra Day O’Connor 2019):

Keaton Rodgers looked even better than he did at the Prep Hoops Top 250 Showcase. In that showcase, he made the all-star game and was on multiple top players lists to give a reference of how well he played. Keaton has greatly improved his shooting, making is virtually impossible to guard him on the perimeter due to how well he attacks the paint. He has great size and speed that allows him to get to the basket at will. If defenders sag off of him in anticipation of a drive, he is able to pull up from deep. He is a very difficult defensive assignment for any team. 

Stephen Gabriel (Hillcrest Prep 2019):

Gabriel is a ridiculously athletic wing. He stands at 6’7 and has the ball handling ability to be thought of as a guard. He was very impressive this weekend demonstrating all of those skills. He led Hillcrest to the championship game against Apollo.