Posted On: 10/13/18 10:08 PM

The inaugural Prep Hoops Sweet 16 was a success! We had some great teams/players competing, resulting in some very entertaining games. Here are the top guards from the event: 

Jeron Artest (Hillcrest Prep 2020):

Jeron Artest looked very impressive all tournament. He was the primary point guard for Hillcrest Prep and ran their offense quite well. He shot the ball extremely well and demonstrated his athleticism with numerous fast break dunks. 

Dalen Terry (Hillcrest Prep 2020):

Dalen Terry mainly played the two guard spot for Hillcrest Prep, but is definitely an above average ball handler. He played very well, especially in fast break. He is a fast break nightmare due to his size, speed, and athleticism. Terry also had a couple of highlight dunks in transition. 

Paris Woods (Apollo 2021):

Paris Woods is the main ball handler for Apollo high school and rightfully so. He demonstrated great ball handling, especially when freezing defenders and getting past them to get to the basket. He was most impressive with how hard he attacks the paint and with how well he is able to finish around the rim. 

Bailon Black (Ironwood 2021):

Bailon Black is the main ball handler for Ironwood and is very shifty with his moves. He is able to freeze defenders with ease and use his length to attack and finish at the rim. Bailon is also a very good shooter with incredible range. 

JJ White (Ironwood 2021):

JJ White is the two guard for Ironwood and is a very good defensive player. He has also improved greatly as a shooter, something he struggled with early on. He has shown that he can shoot the ball at a very high rate and lock up on defense. He is a 3 and D player that any team could use. 

Tyrese Eugene (Taylor Made Prep 2019):

Tyrese Eugene graduated Ironwood HS last year and received some college offers but opted to go the prep school route with Taylor Made Prep. He looked very good this weekend, he has great strength and leaping ability. He has the ability to muscle weaker guards and use his speed to get past guards who can match his strength level. It will be very interesting to see what kind of offers he can gather this year with Taylor Made.