Posted On: 10/16/18 2:10 PM

There were plenty of playmakers at the Prep Hoops Arizona Sweet 16. Below are some of the top playmakers who left their mark at the event. Moreover, these guys made their teams better in an array of ways.

Paris Woods 6’4 PG 2021 Apollo

Woods did not shoot the basketball from deep as often as he did as a freshman. He looked far more comfortable navigating the paint and making plays. While he had a lot of success as a freshman, he looked more poised and like the game was slowing down for him.

His decision making was solid throughout the weekend. Despite his slender frame, Woods is able to use his shiftiness and craftiness to get by the initial defender. At the help side defender, Woods makes the defense pay.

Kyree Walker 6’5 SG 2020 Hillcrest South

As mentioned in other articles, Walker did not play as many minutes as he will play during the Hillcrest regular season. However, when he was in the game, he was constantly making game changing plays. On the defensive end, he generated a number of turnovers and buckets.

On the offensive end, he was able to bully his way to the rim seemingly at will. His ability to generate offense for himself and others is part of what will make Hillcrest really special this upcoming season. 

Dalen Terry 6’7 PG 2020 Hillcrest South

Terry’s length and basketball IQ make him extremely dangerous. He is able to get into the paint at will, and he makes really good decisions with the basketball. While there are some deficiencies in his game that need to be addressed, his ability to make those around him better is not one of them.

Moreover, on the defensive end, his length made him a nightmare for opposing teams. He used his length to generate scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates on numerous occasions.

Stephan Gabriel 6’7 SG 2019 Hillcrest North

Gabriel can score the basketball inside the three as well as any prospect at the event. He has an array of skills that aid him in being versatile. His versatility enables him to score the basketball from many spots and positions on the floor.

Further, his physical traits make him extremely tough to keep in front. Even opposing guards who dared him to shoot from deep struggled to guard him as he was able to physically overpower them to get to his spots on the floor. Gabriel has a lot of upside and will make plenty of noise after leaving Hillcrest.

Kolby Lathrop 6’4 2020 SF/PF Ironwood Ridge

Lathrop scored the basketball from all three levels extremely well in the brief minutes that he played. While he did not demonstrate a high level passing ability upon getting to help side, he did show that he was capable of hitting tough shots.

His length and athleticism make him tough to guard. As he continues to put on size to his frame, Lathrop has the potential to be a game-changer for this group. With two years left in the program, it is clear that Ironwood Ridge is looking to Lathrop to lead the way.

Tyrese Eugene 6’0 PG Post-Grad Taylor Made

Eugene makes people around him better. While Eugene needs to continue to improve his consistency from deep, he has shown over and over again that he can get into the paint at will. Further, when he gets into the paint, he makes the right reads. He was one of the most skilled passers at the event.

What impresses me the most about Eugene is his ability to make plays on the defensive end. He rotates extremely well and is more than willing to take a charge in order to make a game changing play. Moreover, he is a lock-up defender on the ball. His ability to make everything tough for the opposing ball handler will be key to Taylor Made’s success this year.