Posted On: 10/15/18 9:43 PM

Below are more prospects who stood out at the Prep Hoops Arizona Sweet 16. This group played meaningful roles for their teams throughout the event.

3rd Team

Ajang Aguek 6’7 SF/PF Post-Grad Taylor Made Prep

Aguek had good length and protected the rim at a high level. Defensively, he was a force to be reckoned with. On offense, he finished well around the rim. Unfortunately, Aguek hurt his ankle in the 1st game which limited his mobility. To his credit, he continued to play as hard as he could on the short handed Taylor Made Prep team.

Dylan McGirt 6’0 PG 2019 Desert Mountain

McGirt was one of the shiftiest guards at the event. While his physique needs to improve in order to play at the next level, he has good length and an excellent feel for the game. He made is teammates better on offense and scored the basketball well from all three levels.

On the defensive end, his length aids him in being a solid on ball defender. He was able to pick a couple of guards’ pockets during their dribble as well as get his hand in the passing lane. McGirt was one of the top performers at the event and aided a short handed Desert Mountain team to have a lot of success.

Keaton Rodgers 6’5 SF 2019 Sandra Day

Rodgers has improved tremendously over the past couple of months. He has evolved his game from being a 4/5 to being more of a 3/4. He is a much better shooter and making much better reads with the basketball. Moreover, he still brings a physical style of play that enables him to compete in multiple positions.

Rodgers is going to be a game changer for Sandra Day due to his versatility and added skill set. His stock continues to sore due to his improved play.

Antwan January 6’11 2019 Hillcrest

January did not play on the second day due to injury. However, on the first day, he was a monster due to his size and strength. He is physical and finishes well around the rim. His combination of size, physique, and finishing makes him a special prospect at the next level.

January also has good footwork on the block. He has a lot of upside and it is easy to see why a lot of college coaches are interested in his services. He has all the tools to be a special prospect at the next level.

Bailon Black 6’3 PG 2021 Ironwood

Black was solid on the first day of action. However, it was the 2nd day of action that really set him apart. Despite his youth and skinny physique, he went toe to toe with some of the top guards in the west coast during the game against Hillcrest North.

Not only did he lock up on the defensive end, but he showed the he is more than capable of getting to where he needs to get to on the floor. Moreover, he can shoot the basketball with the best of them.